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Advanced OzLINK Mobile for NetSuite
Provider Name: Oz Development, Inc.
OzLINK Mobile enables users to quickly receive full containers, dynamically move inventory, and pick orders faster without making mistakes. All this using a few simple prompts on a hand-held mobile computer with built-in barcode scanners.
Advanced OzLINK Shipping for NetSuite
Provider Name: Oz Development, Inc.
OzLINK dramatically increases fulfillment throughput by enabling the sharing of order information between NetSuite and carrier-provided software. OzLINK automatically updates NetSuite with tracking numbers, freight charges, shipping weights and other detailed shipment information.
Blueforce Time and Labor Management System powered by EPAY Systems
Provider Name: EPAY Systems, Inc.
Blueforce is a web-based time and labor management system, designed for companies with a distributed or mobile workforce. It reduces labor cost by 5% or more via real-time transparency of your labor hours and dollars and helps minimize compliance risk via audit trails and alerts. EPAY's maintenance free, cloud-based system lets you mix and match time tracking devices. Employees can punch in via EPAY’s biometric time clock, a telephone, the web, or a smartphone/tablet with GPS capture. Blueforce seamlessly integrates with NetSuite, as well as most payroll and HRIS providers.
e-Service Suite
Provider Name: Epiphany, Inc.
Epiphany’s e-Service Suite is an innovative solution that helps you align your business strategies and process around customer needs. Built on the SuiteCloud Platform, e-Service Suite gives you the ability to easily manage jobs at every stage - from Estimate to Closed, all within your NetSuite Sales Order. And because e-Service Suite is fully customizable, it will meet your unique business needs. Let us help you enhance communication to and from the field, reduce overhead, improve technician productivity, improve customer service and innovate the way you do business.
ERP Guru Distribution Toolkit for NetSuite
Provider Name: ERP Guru
ERP Guru’s Distribution Toolkit for NetSuite provides a robust system specifically tailored to your warehouse and distribution needs, from enhanced inventory reports and dashboards to purchase rate matching.
Gmail plugin for NetSuite
Provider Name: Daston Corporation
Gmail integration for NetSuite. Save email from Google Apps to a specific NetSuite record. A new email or an existing email in your mailbox can be saved to NetSuite by simply clicking on 'save to NetSuite' and searching for the record it needs to be attached to. The plugin currently works with Mozilla Firefox for Windows.
Liquidity Manager
Provider Name: Simply-Does-IT
A fully integrated, automated, cash flow forecasting application. Cash flows are monitored by weeks, months and quarters for up to 5 years ahead. Flow streams - income, payments, employee costs, standing charges and operation costs are easy to set up and modify. All in the NetSuite dashboard.
Liquidity Manager *Lite
Provider Name: Simply-Does-IT
A fully integrated, automated, funds flow forecasting application. It gives you the comfort of knowing bank balances at critical future dates and the ability to manage them. When a sales delivery is confirmed or when a service invoice is raised, and when a purchase order is billed, a mirrored transaction is posted into the forecast. Likewise when receipts and payments are posted into the debtor/creditor ledgers bank forecast entries are posted as well. This all adds up to clear and instant forward bank positions, with extremely little accounting effort, for the next 3 months. Using the same data it's possible to produce cash based profitability statements over the last 3 months (cleared bank entries) and the next 3 months (from forecast entries).
OzLink Advanced Packing and ASN for NetSuite
Provider Name: Oz Development, Inc.
OzLINK Advanced Packing and ASN provides package level bar code scanning to validate package contents and creates the extensions to NetSuite enabling the creation and transmission of an ASN (Advanced Ship Notice). Moreover, OzLINK integrates with SPS Commerce to create the retail compliance labels, in addition to the carrier shipment labels, while seamlessly integrated with the warehouse pack/ship process.
OzLINK Channel for NetSuite
Provider Name: Oz Development, Inc.
OzLINK Channel integrates external eCommerce applications into NetSuite ERP. Supported applications include Magento, ChannelAdvisor, eBay, and Amazon. Additionally, OzLINK Channel automates business rules, such as order routing & screening, enabling “manage by exception.”
OzLINK Mobile Pro for NetSuite
Provider Name: Oz Development, Inc.
OzLINK Mobile Pro provides bar code scanning automation for NetSuite using IOS and Android based devices.
OzLINK Packing Validation for NetSuite
Provider Name: Oz Development, Inc.
OzLINK Packing Validation enables the use of bar code scanning to validate each item as it is scanned at the time of fulfillment.
OzLINK Pro for UPS
Provider Name: Oz Development, Inc.
Integrates UPS WorldShip seamlessly with the NetSuite Item Fulfillment process. OzLINK is UPS Ready and CTP approved.
PunchOut Connector for NetSuite
Provider Name: Liaison Technologies (FormerlyHubspan)
Allows buyers to access a supplier’s online catalog or eStore via the “punchout” process, handling a direct connection between a buyer’s procurement system and the eCommerce site.
RIVS Digital Interviews For NetSuite
Provider Name: RIVS.COM, Inc.
RIVS allows HR teams to create, invite, review, and share recorded interviews within NetSuite. More than a dozen Fortune 500 companies and many mid-level companies like Porter Airlines and Solar City rely on RIVS’ cloud-based voice and video interviewing software to better assess a candidate’s soft skills. Through automated and live recorded interviews, recruitment teams can identify and hire the best people faster, while reducing time spent with less-qualified applicants. Additionally, teams can reduce costs associated with talent acquisition and travel.
Softype edERP Course Management
Provider Name: Softype, Inc.
Softype's edERP application brings remarkable benefits of NetSuite to the education sector. Course Management is edERP's core module, designed to significantly reduce manual work in planning and scheduling your school curriculum.
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