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Solutions For Retail
Buyer’s Toolbox™ Online
Provider Name: ANT USA
Merchandise Planning, Assortment Planning and OTB Buyer’s Toolbox™ Online is flexible, easy to use and scalable, yet quite affordable. Toolbox offers high end planning features in a packaged format.
Coupa Cloud Procurement, Sourcing and Expense Management for NetSuite
Provider Name: Coupa Software
Coupa delivers software innovation that breeds responsible spending while impacting the company bottom line. It makes companies more profitable by amplifying their spend power, all with one simple platform that employees enjoy using on a daily basis.
FirstPOS for NetSuite
Provider Name: First Hosted Ltd
FirstPOS for NetSuite is a fully featured Point of Sale solution completely integrated with NetSuite
MetaViewer Paperless ERP
Provider Name: Metafile Information Systems, Inc.
MetaViewer document management solution offers paperless capture of and access to invoices, purchase orders, and other documents. It supports organizations’ AP and AR departments by automating workflow, and boosting transparency and accountability, which leads to reduced costs, improved customer service, and increased vendor satisfaction. Paper and electronic invoice capture, web-based workflow, real-time visibility two- and three-way matching, and full ERP integration make MetaViewer a complete AP automation solution.
Retail POS Suite
Provider Name: MentisSoft LLC
Retail POS Suite is a Point-of-Sale solution that offers unparalleled speed, ease of use, operational efficiency and security through its comprehensive array of features that address all needs of small, medium and large retailers. Seamlessly integrated with NetSuite, Retail POS Suite offers its users the advantage of utilizing the features of the NetSuite ERP system coupled with a powerful POS system. Further, Retail POS Suite infrastructure ensures that you can also work independent of your internet connection, thus offering you great flexibility.
Subscription Management Module
Provider Name: Explore Consulting
An effective subscription model requires efficiency through technology in order to scale to meet high transaction volumes. Whether you send out physical goods, charge for a subscription, or wish to send out automated renewal offers on a recurring basis, Explore Consulting's Subscription Management Module for NetSuite provides the flexibility and automation to meet your needs. Built on an architecture that enables a complete solution within NetSuite as well as allowing integration to external systems the Subscription Module can be configured to incorporate additional sales generating features such as special pricing and promotions on recurring orders as well enabling access to restricted web site features.
Abandoned Cart
Provider Name: ThinkSpot Group
Abandoned cart emails are automatically sent to customers who have added products to their cart but failed to checkout. It’s effective as a sales recovery tactic and also as an analytics one. Get this product now with a one time fee, low cost, 100% NetSuite integrated.
Automated License Key Solution
Provider Name: Explore Consulting
For any software company, the security and management of their customers’ software license keys is a critical task. Explore Consulting has developed an Automated Software License Key Solution for NetSuite which addresses the key issues of license key storage, generation, authentication, and process automation for software companies using NetSuite as their ERP platform.
AvaTax for NetSuite
Provider Name: Avalara, Inc
SaaS sales tax calculation, reporting, filing and remittance for businesses of all sizes collecting, reporting and filing sales tax for anywhere in North America, and over 100 countries worldwide.
Celigo eBay Connector
Provider Name: Celigo, Inc
The Celigo eBay Connector for NetSuite is a subscription-based Integration-as-a-Service product that provides a fully automated integration between eBay and NetSuite.
Consignment Stock Management for NetSuite
Provider Name: NoBlue
Monitor and manage stock provided on consignment for sale by a third party. This SuiteApp natively records and provides reports based on a "Sale & Return" practise common in many B2B scenarios.
CyberSource Payment Management
Provider Name: CyberSource Corporation
Payment Processing | Fraud Management
DropShip Commerce Connector by Barefoot
Provider Name: DropShip Commerce
Easily integrate your Netsuite enviornment with the DropShip Commerce platform. Start DropShipping today!
EasyAsk eCommerce Edition for NetSuite
Provider Name: EasyAsk
EasyAsk eCommerce is the most powerful and intuitive e-commerce search, navigation and merchandising solution in the industry. Customers using EasyAsk eCommerce have the highest sales conversion rates in the industry (as measured by Nielsen NetRatings). The optimized search, cross-sell and up-sell merchandising capabilities powered by EasyAsk’s unique natural language technology can deliver these industry leading results to your e-commerce environment.
Elim's Physical Inventory Management Solution
Provider Name: Elim Solutions Inc
Elim Solutions offers a SuiteApp that sets the bar higher for physical inventory management. Extensively customizable and fully automated, our Physical Inventory Management SuiteApp understands that your business needs are as unique as your business itself.
eWAY Payment Gateway Integration with NetSuite
Provider Name: eWAY
eWAY payment gateway is fully integrated into NetSuite. eWAY provides payment services for businesses in Australia, New Zealand and United Kingdom. Once setup you are ready to accept orders, receive customer invoice payments and much more.
Folio3 eBay Connector
Provider Name: Folio3
The Folio3 eBay Connector for NetSutie is an Integration-as-a-Service product that provides fully automated, seamless integration between eBay merchant accounts and the NetSuite ERP.
Folio3 eBay Motors Connector
Provider Name: Folio3
The Folio3 eBay Motors Connector for NetSuite is designed and developed specifically for eBay Motors and provides seamless integration between eBay Motors web-stores and NetSuite. The Connector offers fully automated NetSuite-eBay Motors integration - automatically syncing all sales order, customer and shipping data between eBay Motors merchant accounts and NetSuite, saving valuable time & effort and empowering merchants to concentrate on their core business activities.
HighJump Warehouse Management in the Cloud for NetSuite
Provider Name: HighJump Software
HighJump has developed a powerful set of supply chain execution solutions designed specifically for NetSuite Cloud ERP users to bring your distribution and warehouse operations in-line with your core back office processes. The HighJump Supply Chain Advantage suite of products optimizes work direction at an operational level to dramatically increase efficiency and drive down costs—empowering operational excellence, on-time customer orders and, ultimately, customer satisfaction. Optimizing your distribution operations requires you to effectively manage all of these important resources. HighJump Warehouse Management in the Cloud for NetSuite provides a foundation of best practices for receiving, put-away/flow-through, inventory management, order processing, replenishment, pick/pack, loading and shipping. HighJump WMS in the cloud also enables companies to build their own industry-leading businesses processes using our business process configuration tools.
Provider Name: LeanLogistics
LeanTMS technology improves transportation processes, increases shipping efficiencies and reduces freight costs.
Patchworks Shopify Integration
Provider Name: Patchworks Media Ltd
Patchworks is a hosted middleware that simplifies integration between NetSuite and Shopify. With out-of-the-box integrations that are quick to deploy along with customisable solutions that are tailored to fit your IT ecosystem. Trust Patchworks to get NetSuite & Shopify working together for your business.
Rewards & Loyalty Points Membership Program for Repeat Sales
Provider Name: Suite Business Software, Inc.
Improve repeat sales with Suite Software's SuiteLoyalty Rewards & Loyalty Points membership program, designed to work easily and efficiently within your NetSuite application.
Softeon Warehouse Management System (WMS)
Provider Name: Softeon
Softeon Warehouse Management System (WMS) manages distribution operations at higher levels of productivity, control and customer service. The system provides real-time control over inbound, outbound and inventory management processes.
Supplier Collaboration
Provider Name: One Network Enterprises
One Network's Supplier Collaboration streamlines and optimizes inbound supply processes and provides a 'single version of the truth' for you and your suppliers.
Temando Shipping Integration
Provider Name: Cloud Coders
Temando allows you to choose quotes from a selection of over 50 Australian freight providers. This SuiteApp lets you do it from NetSuite! No need to re-key data, it saves time by automatically getting real time prices from Temando AND creates bookings based on your freight set-up.
TurnTo Social Q&A Platform
Provider Name: TurnTo Networks, Inc.
TurnTo provides a leading Social Q&A system for online merchants and brands, enabling shoppers to get advice directly from stores’ real customers (as well as staff and brand reps). By enabling authentic dialog between shoppers and customers right on the product pages, TurnTo increases conversion rates, generates fresh content for SEO, builds customer loyalty, and reduces call center load. The TurnTo Social Q&A Platform is a white-labeled SaaS product that can be integrated in as little as a day. Top online sellers including Saks, Newegg, Brown Shoe (, L’Oreal USA, Lenovo, and the Vitamin Shoppe have chosen TurnTo to convert visitors into buyers.
Zuus Scheduling and Time & Attendance for NetSuite
Provider Name: Roster with ROSS Pty Ltd
Zuus provides a workforce management solution that helps eliminate data entry, enable efficient costed scheduling, and provide biometric or PIN based time & attendance. The solution seamlessly integrates with NetSuite ERP, Infinet Cloud’s payroll and other 3rd party applications to provide a holistic solution.
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