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Solutions For Integration
Actian DataConnect
Provider Name: Actian Corporation
Actian DataConnect is a comprehensive integration platform for NetSuite users, developers and partners who need to quickly, easily and affordably exchange and/or transform key operational data into Salesforce from virtually any data source or format to realize leads-to-cash, recurring billing and more.
Affordable EDI by EZOrderLink
Provider Name: GIG Consulting
Affordable EDI is a Microsoft Windows based application that transfers data to and from Netsuite. We make integrating data into and from NetSuite inexpensive and easy. Discover how this powerful tool can help leverage your Netsuite investment with streamlined data integrations.
Amazon - Netsuite Connector by EZOrderLink™
Provider Name: GIG Consulting
Amazon - Netsuite Connector by EZOrderLink™ is a Windows application that transfers data to and from Netsuite. Amazon - Netsuite Connector by EZOrderLink™ makes Netsuite integration with Amazon inexpensive and easy. Discover how this powerful tool can help leverage your Netsuite investment with streamlined data integrations.
Application Integrator for NetSuite
Provider Name: Jitterbit
Jitterbit is an easy and cost-effective data and application integration platform. Jitterbit's NetSuite integration solutions address the cost and complexity of connecting on-premise and cloud systems with a graphical "No-Coding" approach that makes configuring and managing application & data integration a snap.
Celigo CloudExtend for Google Apps
Provider Name: Celigo, Inc
Celigo CloudExtend for Google Apps enables true cloud-to-cloud synchronization of Google Apps Gmail, Calendar, Docs and Contacts with NetSuite.
Celigo Salesforce Connector
Provider Name: Celigo, Inc
With this SmartConnector(TM), each of your Lead-to-Cash process is streamlined between Salesforce and NetSuite. You can manage your sales process effectively and in real-time, without the need for bloated middleware. With distributed adapters running directly inside these two systems, our connector allows you endless customization options.
CloudConnect™ Integration Platform
Provider Name: Explore Consulting
CloudConnect™ is a proven service that integrates data from virtually any business system, in any format, in a bi-directional manner with NetSuite. With Explore’s SaaS based solution and leading NetSuite integration specialists, your remote systems can communicate seamlessly with NetSuite in a highly managed environment.
CNET ChannelOnline Connector
Provider Name: Explore Consulting
Explore Consulting is excited to offer a NetSuite connector for the CNET ChannelOnline ecommerce system. Our connector provides the automated transfer of customer and sales order data, among other records, from CNET to NetSuite. The combination of the NetSuite’s ERP capability and the ChannelOnline service gives resellers a clear sales advantage. The CNET ChannelOnline Connector utilizes Explore Consulting's proven CloudConnect™ integration solution to provide a seamless data exchange.
Dell Boomi AtomSphere
Provider Name: Dell Boomi
A Leader in the Garner iPaaS Magic Quadrant, Dell Boomi is a market-leading provider of cloud integration technology and the creator of AtomSphere®. AtomSphere extends the NetSuite platform with enterprise-grade features, an affordable SaaS pricing model, and an extensive library of pre-built connectors - such as, Zuora, Workday, SAP & Oracle - to automate business processes in NetSuite-to-SaaS and NetSuite-to-on premise integrations. AtomSphere allows you to quickly connect any combination of cloud, SaaS, or on premise applications with no appliances, no software, and no coding.
Provider Name: DiCentral
DiCentral, a leading innovator in supply chain management solutions, provides complete EDI integration with NetSuite ERP via NetSuite’s SuiteCloud platform. DiIntegrator is a pre-built EDI solution installed locally, or in a public or private cloud. This unique architecture allows for quick installation and takes the weight off the user for map updates and daily maintenance. DiCentral’s model provides the user powerful software that leverages their investment in NetSuite ERP by accelerating the user’s ability to build large ASNs and configure UCC-128 bar code label printing by UPC to save time in the warehouse and eliminate errors.
eBridge Connections Integration Platform
Provider Name: eBridge Connections
eBridge Connections enables NetSuite integration to over 20 eCommere stores including 1000's of EDI trading partners allowing businesses to reduce the cost of manual data entry, expensive errors, and costly IT infrastructure.
EZOrderLink SE
Provider Name: GIG Consulting
EZOrderLink SE™ is a Windows application that transfers data to and from Netsuite. EZOrderLink SE makes Netsuite integration inexpensive and easy. Discover how this powerful tool can help leverage your Netsuite investment with streamlined data integrations.
Fluxx SuiteApp
Provider Name: Fluxx
A collaborative work platform, connecting everyone in your organization to the data that runs your business.
Hubspan File Transfer Connector for NetSuite
Provider Name: Hubspan
Facilitates the seamless movement of data, files and information from one company/system to another with end-to-end security, visibility and monitoring. Hubspan supports not only traditional FTP transactions but all Internet protocols.
Hubspan Invoice Connector for NetSuite
Provider Name: Hubspan
The Hubspan Invoice Connector for NetSuite allows buyers and suppliers to exchange electronic invoices with their respective trading partners. Buyers are able to receive Invoices from trading partners and reconcile against Purchase Orders or Advanced Ship Notices. The Hubspan Invoice Connector for NetSuite provides sellers complete integration including the ability to receive a Purchase Order and automatically create Invoices or Invoice reminders. The product can also trigger other activities including reconciling received PO’s against Invoices.
Hubspan Price and Product Availability for NetSuite
Provider Name: Hubspan
Enables buyers to access up-to-date pricing and availability information directly from online catalogs, supporting the communication protocols and data formats specified by each company in the process.
Hubspan PunchOut Connector for NetSuite
Provider Name: Hubspan
Allows buyers to access a supplier’s online catalog or eStore via the “punchout” process, handling a direct connection between a buyer’s procurement system and the eCommerce site.
Hubspan Purchase Order Connector for NetSuite
Provider Name: Hubspan
Allows buyers and sellers to exchange electronic purchase order information with their respective trading partners. Buyers are able to issue purchase orders directly from NetSuite out to their entire vendor community. Likewise, sellers, or vendors are able to receive purchase orders from any customer. By using Hubspan, buyers and suppliers are able to seamlessly trade documents and manage tight integration without being concerned with the format their trading partner prefers. Hubspan mediates between the communication protocols and data formats used by all companies for complete interoperability.
IBM WebSphere Cast Iron Integration for NetSuite
Provider Name: IBM
The IBM WebSphere Cast Iron platform for NetSuite is a purpose-built solution that dramatically simplifies NetSuite migration and integration projects and enables you to complete them in days.
Informatica Cloud Free Data Loader
Provider Name: Informatica
Informatica Cloud Data Loader is a free data integration service that enables ad hoc import / export of NetSuite data between databases and files.
Provider Name: Celigo, Inc
Have you ever needed a powerful but affordable way to automate your data import to NetSuite? Or a simple and robust way to export data from your NetSuite account? The Celigo Integrator™ performs these imports and exports, with an intuitive mapping interface for all of your inbound and outbound integration needs.
M5Connect for NetSuite
Provider Name: M5 Networks, Inc.
With M5Connect for NetSuite, users can click–to-dial to start a call from within NetSuite anytime a phone number is available. Inbound screen pops are displayed to provide lead or customer information before the call is answered. Note taking is automated and real time analytics are available to help measure sales, support and operational excellence.
Netsuite - Yahoo Connector by EZOrderLink
Provider Name: GIG Consulting
Netsuite - Yahoo Connector by EZOrderLink is a Windows application that transfers data to and from Netsuite. Netsuite - Yahoo Connector by EZOrderLink makes Netsuite integration inexpensive and easy. Discover how this powerful tool can help leverage your Netsuite investment with streamlined data integrations.
NetSuite Connector for Salesforce by Actian
Provider Name: Actian Corporation
NetSuite CRM connector for Salesforce by Actian integrates NetSuite ERP with Salesforce CRM behind-the-scenes to allow a 360-degree view of customer data throughout the lead-to-cash process. With real-time data synchronization, sales teams have immediate visibility into payment, sales orders, invoices, and inventory data within Salesforce. Concurrently, Accounting has visibility into sales activities from within NetSuite. The connector is preconfigured to handle end-to-end lead-to-cash- process across standard NetSuite and Salesforce. For additional requirements, users also have the ability to further customize the integrations, cutting down on lengthy integration cycles with external vendors. NetSuite CRM connector for Salesforce by Actian, enables customers to make more accurate and timely decisions to improve their lead-to-cash process.
NetSuite/Google Calendar Integration
Provider Name: Daston Corporation
Calendar Integration for NetSuite and Google Apps
Provider Name: Vigience Co., Ltd.
The Enterprise Gateway by Vigience is a cloud integration service that automatically pulls your on-premise system (e.g. SAP ERP) interfaces into the NetSuite Application Development platform.
Provider Name: SnapLogic
SnapLogic’s unique, modular, DataFlow architecture based on RESTful methods and a consistent access pattern provides the ideal, lightweight solution to today’s exponentially increasing requirements for data integration and data services across the enterprise, SaaS, the Web and Social Media – SnapLogic’s four primary use cases. All SnapLogic applications benefit from: SnapLogic’s HTTP compatible endpoint services provide a consistent REST interface to applications and data flows. SnapLogic supports full read/write of data and data streams. Snap support from both the native SnapLogic library and SnapStore connectors to an ever increasing selection of applications and end points. SnapLogic’s RESTful architecture provides a uniform access pattern for data.
Third Party Logistics (3PL) Connector
Provider Name: Explore Consulting
Many companies using NetSuite outsource their inventory and shipping to a Third Party Logistics Provider (3PL), but that can create significant inefficiencies without an automated integration solution. Explore Consulting has developed a 3PL Connector for our NetSuite clients. Our flexible solution can communicate with any warehouse management platform using flat files, XML, web services, EDI 940/945 documents, or other API’s.
3PL Integration for Manufacturers
Provider Name: Liaison Technologies (Formerly Hubspan)
Enables manufacturers to integrate with their 3PLs using 850/856, 940/945 or proprietary formats and just about any transport protocol. The result is a real-time integration that doesn't charge for SKUs, line items or data - regardless of the file size or transaction volumes.
Autodesk PLM 360
Provider Name: Autodesk, Inc.
Autodesk® PLM 360 is the next-generation cloud-based alternative to traditional product lifecycle management. Autodesk PLM 360 is powerful, affordable, and easy-to-implement for companies of any size.
BlueBridge One eCommerce Fraud Detector
Provider Name: BlueBridge One Business Solutions Limited
Reduce the risk of processing fraudulent web orders. Link to MaxMind's respected and affordable "minFraud" anti-fraud ecommerce service and perform a host of real-time anti-fraud checks on all web orders. Then queue high risk web orders for additional attention.
Connection Cloud
Provider Name: Connection Cloud by Elastic Intelligence
Real-time access to your NetSuite data from your favorite reporting tools including Microsoft Excel, Tableau, Jaspersoft, Crystal Reports, Business Objects, Yellowfin, and many more.
DonationPay Integration
Provider Name: DonationPay
The DonationPay NetSuite integration enables automatic importing of credit card payments made through DonationPay pages into the NetSuite platform.
DSG Powered CRM Collaborator (NetSuite/SFDC)
Provider Name: Demand Solutions Group
The DSG Powered CRM Collaborator provides a powerful closed-loop integration solution between NetSuite and Pre-built and using best-practice based processes evolved over hundreds of ERP to CRM projects, the DSG Powered CRM Collaborator addresses the most common NetSuite to integration needs and reduces the time, cost and risk in building a successful integrated business.
Facebook Webstore for NetSuite
Provider Name: Explore Consulting
The Facebook Webstore App for NetSuite was built for e-tailers utilizing the NetSuite Site Builder e-commerce platform, helping them easily, quickly and inexpensively sell more products by creating a shop tab on their Facebook Fan Page showcasing products from their existing NetSuite online store.
Provider Name: The SGC Group
FarApp eCommerce Automation - Extend NetSuite's reach to your eCommerce storefronts with automated processing of orders, fulfillments, product-catalog, and inventory data. FarApp lets you control your storefront data and transactions from within NetSuite.
Freight Management System for NetSuite
Provider Name: Absolute Vision Technologies (AVT)
The AVT IFS SmartFreight® integration for NetSuite offers you both a cost-effective and time-crucial solution to suit all your shipping needs Australia, New Zealand, China, South Africa and Europe.
Hubspan PO/INV Integration for Manufacturers
Provider Name: Hubspan
This integration package enables manufacturers to receive purchase orders and send invoices to customers automatically - regardless of the document formats their customers prefer. If your customer wants you to receive purchase orders and invocies in iDOC, EDI (Any standard) or just about any format - Hubspan can help.
Liaison Technologies - Manufacturers EDI Integration for NetSuite
Provider Name: Liaison Technologies (Formerly Hubspan)
Liaison Technologies is a required solution for EDI integration with NetSuite. NetSuite users looking to test the water with EDI and/or just needing a low volume solution are able to achieve ROI quickly using our SaaS portal. Companies needing increased levels of automation benefit from our tight, real-time integration to NetSuite. Companies who need to print UCC labels, integrate with UPS, FedEx and thousands of other organizations turn to Liaison when the data matters. Other solutions include NetSuite integration for Punchout, eCommerce, 3PL and more!
Okta Cloud Connect
Provider Name: Okta
Enterprises everywhere are adopting cloud based applications and using Okta to increase security, reduce administration costs, and improve end-user productivity associated with those services. Okta’s 100% on-demand identity and access management solution provides customers with single sign-on, automated user provisioning and management, and centralized reporting and analytics, all integrated with their on-premise directory. Okta customers enjoy all the benefits of a software-as-a-service application without the hassle of integrating, installing, or maintaining hardware or software.
Omnify Software PLM
Provider Name: Omnify Software
The Omnify Software Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution provides an environment to manage your complete product record. Omnify’s open technology platform offers seamless integration between the Omnify PLM system and NetSuite.
Punchout Service for Buyers
Provider Name: Liaison Technologies (Formerly Hubspan)
Transforms NetSuite ERP into an eProcurement system and allows buyers to access a supplier’s online catalog or eStore via the “punchout” and P2P process, handling a direct connection between a buyer’s procurement system and the supplier's eCommerce site. Liaison also supports all related purchasing and logistic documents.
Riva CRM Integration for NetSuite
Provider Name: Riva CRM Integration
Sync NetSuite CRM+ directly to Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes and Novell GroupWise. Full support for all desktop, webaccess, Mac and mobile and tablet device email clients.
Provider Name: Subscribe-HR
Subscribe-HR is the latest in HR Cloud Computing for HR Professionals. With seamless integration with NetSuite, Subscribe-HR delivers e-Recruitment, e-HR and Talent Management Solutions, adding outstanding value to your ERP solution.
Workday-NetSuite Connector Package
Provider Name: Informatica
The Informatica Cloud packaged Workday-NetSuite Connector gives you out-of-the box integrations between Workday and NetSuite
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