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Solutions For Manufacturing
3PL Integration for Manufacturers
Provider Name: Liaison Technologies (Formerly Hubspan)
Enables manufacturers to integrate with their 3PLs using 850/856, 940/945 or proprietary formats and just about any transport protocol. The result is a real-time integration that doesn't charge for SKUs, line items or data - regardless of the file size or transaction volumes.
An Integrated EDI Solution from HighJump TrueCommerce
Provider Name: HighJump Software
The TrueCommerce end-to-end, cloud-based EDI solution for NetSuite ERP, makes it easy to comply with your customers’ EDI requirements. This robust, integrated solution includes everything you need to streamline and automate sales order, purchase order and warehouse document transactions.
Arena PLM
Provider Name: Arena Solutions
Arena provides easy-to-start, easy-to-learn, easy-to-use, on-demand software for capturing product data, controlling revisions, managing the engineering change process and sharing complete bills of materials (BOMs) with contract manufacturers and suppliers.
Autodesk PLM 360
Provider Name: Autodesk, Inc.
Autodesk® PLM 360 is the next-generation cloud-based alternative to traditional product lifecycle management. Autodesk PLM 360 is powerful, affordable, and easy-to-implement for companies of any size.
CallidusCloud CPQ
Provider Name: CallidusCloud
Rushed, manually generated proposals stop your prospects from signing on the dotted line and they hurt your margin. Improve the process by guiding reps to the right product at the right price, encouraging upselling and cross-selling, all on a mobile device. Aberdeen Research shows that companies that use CPQ have a 104% larger average deal size.
Configurator and CPQ Software for NetSuite
Provider Name: Configure One, Inc.
Configure One's Concept application provides NetSuite customers with industry-leading configurator and CPQ (configure price quote) software functionality that has been fully integrated with NetSuite since 2007.
DemandCaster Sales Forecasting and Inventory Planning Software
Provider Name: DemandCaster
DemandCaster is a full featured and affordable sales forecasting and inventory planning software as a service application that integrates directly with NetSuite to help manufacturing and distribution companies accurately forecast demand and optimize inventory to support sales and operations planning and day to day execution.
DSG Powered Eval Unit
Provider Name: DSG
Support for demonstration or evaluation unit activities. Track and document the evaluation timeframe and criteria; deal with the financial implications of company owned inventory residing on a prospective customer's site; transition the product from demonstration to sold status, and support the customer's installation and usage of the product during the critical demonstration period.
Experlogix CPQ for NetSuite
Provider Name: Experlogix
Experlogix CPQ for NetSuite empowers your sales team to quickly customize complex quotes and orders with 100 percent accuracy, leading to dramatic gains in revenue and profitability. With unique capabilities such as guided selling, rapid line-item creation and automated bill-of-material and routing generation, Experlogix gives you the configuration, pricing, and quoting tools you need to maximize your quote-to-order and manufacturing performance.
HighJump Warehouse Management in the Cloud for NetSuite
Provider Name: HighJump Software
HighJump has developed a powerful set of supply chain execution solutions designed specifically for NetSuite Cloud ERP users to bring your distribution and warehouse operations in-line with your core back office processes. The HighJump Supply Chain Advantage suite of products optimizes work direction at an operational level to dramatically increase efficiency and drive down costs—empowering operational excellence, on-time customer orders and, ultimately, customer satisfaction. Optimizing your distribution operations requires you to effectively manage all of these important resources. HighJump Warehouse Management in the Cloud for NetSuite provides a foundation of best practices for receiving, put-away/flow-through, inventory management, order processing, replenishment, pick/pack, loading and shipping. HighJump WMS in the cloud also enables companies to build their own industry-leading businesses processes using our business process configuration tools.
Hubspan PO/INV Integration for Manufacturers
Provider Name: Hubspan
This integration package enables manufacturers to receive purchase orders and send invoices to customers automatically - regardless of the document formats their customers prefer. If your customer wants you to receive purchase orders and invocies in iDOC, EDI (Any standard) or just about any format - Hubspan can help.
Intuiflow Replenishment+ for NetSuite
Provider Name: Intuiflow LLC
Replenishment+ is a demand driven materials planning tool that optimizes your inventory investment within NetSuite. Replenishment+ will highlight your inventory situation in a way that enables you to act on the right parts, right now.
Intuiflow Replenishment+ for NetSuite
Provider Name: Intuiflow LLC
Replenishment+ is a demand driven materials planning tool that optimizes your inventory investment within NetSuite. Replenishment+ will highlight your inventory situation in a way that enables you to act on the right parts, right now.
iQ Configure Price Quote
Provider Name: Alternative Technology Solutions
iQ Configure Price Quote (CPQ) makes estimating, quote creation, and proposal generation fast, easy, and accurate. Built to handle complex and configured quoting needs, iQ's intuitive user interface gives users a better way to deliver compelling quotes to customers.
IQity Advanced Manufacturing For NetSuite
Provider Name: IQity Solutions, LLC
IQity Solutions, LLC is a leading 'Manufacturing in the Cloud' solution provider. Our comprehensive Advanced Manufacturing solution for NetSuite is verified 'Built for NetSuite' and can be configured for small to large enterprises. Our Solution extends native NetSuite functionality to assist customers with improving business value through reduced operating costs, increased revenue and overall better management control of their business and supply chain processes.
LeanLogistics LeanTMS for NetSuite
Provider Name: LeanLogistics
LeanTMS technology improves transportation processes, increases shipping efficiencies and reduces freight costs.
Light Manufacturing Advanced
Provider Name: Absolute Vision Technologies (AVT)
AVT Light Manufacturing is an effective solution that streamlines your manufacturing scheduling process. Understanding and having visibility over the whole end-to-end process has never been easier.
MQ1 Elements
Provider Name: CEBOS, Ltd.
CEBOS develops quality management and EHS software that integrates into NetSuite. CEBOS' products help companies comply with major compliance standards including ISO, TS, and FDA. Functionality includes: APQP/PPAP, Audit, Document Management, Data Collection, CAPA, Training, Project Management and much more. CEBOS is offering two months of FREE subscription fees for customers that sign up by the end of 2014!
Omnify Empower PLM
Provider Name: Omnify Software
The Omnify Software Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution provides an environment to manage your complete product record. Omnify’s open technology platform offers seamless integration between the Omnify PLM system and NetSuite.
Sole CPQ from Verenia
Provider Name: Verenia
Verenia’s product configurator and CPQ (Configure Price Quote) application, Sole, is one of the first 100% native CPQ platform for NetSuite. NO INTEGRATION REQUIRED!
SuiteArena Integration Adapter
Provider Name: Suite Business Software, Inc.
The SuiteArena integration adapter enables the use of the Arena system for complex Products & Assembly BOM management, synchronized with NetSuite. Arena is used for product management while NetSuite remains the system of record for financial management, ERP and eCommerce.
Supplier Collaboration
Provider Name: One Network Enterprises
One Network's Supplier Collaboration streamlines and optimizes inbound supply processes and provides a 'single version of the truth' for you and your suppliers.
Ultriva Lean Suite
Provider Name: Ultriva
Ultriva provides end-to-end supply chain visibility to optimize inventory, increase customer service levels, and improve productivity through automation. Ultriva solutions help manage supply chains and improve the inventory velocity of leading industrial manufacturing, healthcare, aerospace, and logistics firms.
Value Chain Resource Planning™ (VCRP™)
Provider Name: Vecco International
Vecco VCRP™ multi-tier Supply Chain, Demand Planning and Execution solution enables NetSuite users, in concert with their suppliers and customers, to manage their value chain efficiently and to respond to constant changes in demand, supply, and market events. No changes are required to partner systems.
A World-Class WMS For NetSuite - WAERlinx
Provider Name: Waer Systems Limited
WAERlinx is a robust, agile Warehouse Management System (WMS) that integrates fully with NetSuite. Its extensive, straightforward functionality has been honed over many years and has the control, visibility and reporting you would expect from a next generation WMS.
Absolute Vision Technologies Inventory Management Tool
Provider Name: Absolute Vision Technologies
Windows Desktop Application to improve stock management performance in the following areas: 1) Stock Take Process: Enhances the scalability and performance when entering new stock in NetSuite 2) Stock Re-evaluation Process Allows users to perform mass stock re-evaluations 3) Stock Transfer Process Allows transfers of inventory to multiple locations with ease 4) Opening Stock Take Up process Simplifies the process of importing all the new inventories into Netsuite on a mass scale when taking over a new company 5) Disposal of Stock process Simplifies the stock disposal process by supplying the current quantity on hand as a negative value to get rid of the stock. Any gains/losses from the disposal can be netted off to the inventory variance expense account.
Accellos 3PL NetSuite Adapter
Provider Name: Absolute Vision Technologies
Accellos 3PL NetSuite Integration. Built on NetSuite WebServices and Accellos APIs.
AccellosOne Warehouse
Provider Name: Accellos
Combines radio frequency, barcode technology, and a robust Internet-based architecture to deliver a powerful, scalable, flexible real-time warehouse management system to enable Wholesale Distributors and 3PL Providers to increase accuracy, throughput, and visibility into their inventory and warehouse operations.
Celigo 3PL Connector
Provider Name: Celigo, Inc
The Celigo 3PL Connector is a SuiteApp that lets you easily integrate NetSuite with any third-party fulfillment center or warehouse. The SuiteApp installs in minutes, and out of the box comes with a base implementation for CSV files over SFTP.
Provider Name: DiCentral
DiCentral, a leading innovator in supply chain management solutions, provides complete EDI integration with NetSuite ERP via NetSuite’s SuiteCloud platform. DiIntegrator is a pre-built EDI solution installed locally, or in a public or private cloud. This unique architecture allows for quick installation and takes the weight off the user for map updates and daily maintenance. DiCentral’s model provides the user powerful software that leverages their investment in NetSuite ERP by accelerating the user’s ability to build large ASNs and configure UCC-128 bar code label printing by UPC to save time in the warehouse and eliminate errors.
DSG Powered Installed Base
Provider Name: Demand Solutions Group
Track the products customers have bought and implemented, including the purchase date, serial number, warranty expiration date, service contract dates, terms and renewals specifics and where the product is located. Simplify the capture and management of serial numbers.
ERP Guru Distribution Toolkit for NetSuite
Provider Name: ERP Guru
ERP Guru’s Distribution Toolkit for NetSuite provides a robust system specifically tailored to your warehouse and distribution needs, from enhanced inventory reports and dashboards to purchase rate matching.
FREE = Freightgate For NetSuite
Provider Name: Freightgate, Inc.
FreightGate is providing FREE INSTANT ACCESS to worldwide carrier flight schedules, FCL/LCL sailing schedules, and as a bonus, access to the US denied person database for NetSuite customers. Normally costing thousands of dollars, a great integrated solution for NetSuite customers in Retail, Manufacturing, and WD or customers that have a build-to-order business model. Every shipper needs access to freight scheduling/compliance during the order commit process and when processing a sales order. Join Freightgate’s adaptable, hyper connected Logistics Cloud TMS Platform Today!
Freightgate For NetSuite - FREE OFFER
Provider Name: Freightgate, Inc.
Our partner, FreightGate, is providing FREE INSTANT ACCESS to worldwide carrier flight schedules, FCL/LCL sailing schedules, and as a bonus, access to the US denied person database for NetSuite customers. Normally costing thousands of dollars, a great integrated solution for NetSuite customers in Retail, Manufacturing, and WD or customers that have a build-to-order business model. Every shipper needs access to freight scheduling/compliance during the order commit process and when processing a sales order. Join Freightgate’s adaptable, hyper connected Logistics Cloud TMS Platform Today!
MetaViewer Paperless ERP
Provider Name: Metafile Information Systems, Inc.
MetaViewer document management solution offers paperless capture of and access to invoices, purchase orders, and other documents. It supports organizations’ AP and AR departments by automating workflow, and boosting transparency and accountability, which leads to reduced costs, improved customer service, and increased vendor satisfaction. Paper and electronic invoice capture, web-based workflow, real-time visibility two- and three-way matching, and full ERP integration make MetaViewer a complete AP automation solution.
OzLINK Advanced Packing and ASN for NetSuite
Provider Name: Oz Development, Inc.
OzLINK Advanced Packing and ASN by Oz Development provides package-level bar code scanning to validate package contents, generating the extensions for NetSuite, enabling the creation and transmission of an ASN (Advanced Shipping Notice). Moreover, OzLINK integrates with SPS Commerce to create the retail compliance labels, in addition to the carrier shipment labels, while seamlessly integrating with warehouse pack/ship processes.
OzLINK Mobile Enterprise for NetSuite
Provider Name: Oz Development, Inc.
OzLINK Mobile Enterprise by Oz Development enables users to quickly receive full containers, dynamically move inventory, and pick orders faster without making mistakes. All this using a few simple prompts on a hand-held mobile computer with built-in barcode scanners.
Pacejet Enterprise Shipping for NetSuite
Provider Name: Pacejet
Pacejet Enterprise Shipping for NetSuite enables users to quote and ship via LTL, 3PL, Parcel in one multi-carrier solution that reduces costs and improves customer service. Pacejet connects NetSuite to a network of carriers for real-time quoting and shipping, integrated processing, and complete capture of tracking numbers, price, cost, container contents and more in item fulfillment records.
PowerHouse WMS for NetSuite
Provider Name: Quality Software Systems, Inc. - QSSI
PowerHouse WMS is QSSI’s flagship warehouse management system ( WMS ) that maximizes productivity and eliminate errors. The system features unmatched user-configurability to optimize operations for: 3PL, Apparel, Distribution, Manufacturing, Publishing, eCommerce and industries of all types... PowerHouse is a robust scalable solution that expands upon the typical WMS functional footprint with modules for: Productivity Tracking, 3PL Billing, Quality Assurance, Returns, Event Management, Value Added Services, Yard & Dock management and robust easy to use reporting capabilities. The PowerHouse suite includes; ePowerHouse 'the PowerHouse Web Portal' and PowerHouse/TMS a fully integrated Transportation Management System that improves productivity and reduces shipping costs.
Simply-Does-IT ~ Liquidity Manager
Provider Name: Simply-Does-IT
A fully integrated, automated, cash flow forecasting application. Cash flows are monitored by weeks, months and quarters for up to 5 years ahead. Flow streams - income, payments, employee costs, standing charges and operation costs are easy to set up and modify. All in the NetSuite dashboard.
SPS Commerce Integrated EDI Fulfillment for NetSuite
Provider Name: SPS Commerce
The SPS Commerce Integrated EDI Fulfillment for NetSuite integrates into your existing NetSuite application, offering advanced functionality with less risk and at a lower cost than traditional EDI software. Our proven, cloud-based architecture provides the flexibility and scalability you need to thrive in the omnichannel era. You’ll also be joining the world’s largest retail network that currently hosts more than 60,000 trading partnerships. Your business will benefit from the speed and accuracy of automated sales order creation, order acknowledgement, ship notice management, invoicing and more, making it equally simple to collaborate with trading partners located around the world.
Valogix Inventory Planning
Provider Name: Valogix LLC
Valogix Inventory Planning is a full-featured, web-based inventory planning software solution that is easy to use and affordable for any company. The advanced demand planning capabilities manage unlimited items in multiple locations, create automated forecasts and replenishment plans and optimized inventory. Users experience reductions in inventory costs and increased customer satisfaction.
Vertical Solutions Field Service Management for NetSuite
Provider Name: Vertical Solutions, Inc. (VSI)
Vertical Solutions, Inc. develops, implements and supports best-in-class Service Management solutions for customer support, field service, and mobile environments. VServiceManagement™ is built on a cloud-based technology platform, the Vertical Services Platform – VSP™, which is an SOA-compliant, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) multi-tenant platform, and delivered as a service or on-premise in a private or public cloud environment. Innate to the solution is a business process (BPM) design tool as a layer within the architecture.
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