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Advertising Order Management & Operations Platform
Provider Name: Mediaspectrum, Inc.
Mediaspectrum’s end-to-end Advertising Order Management & Operations platform offers the most effective solution for managing the entire lifecycle of advertising including planning, proposal generation, packaging, scheduling, rating, workflow, trafficking, and optimization. This solution helps media organizations manage advertising processes more profitably across all channels – programmatic, mobile, web, video, social, broadcast, print and beyond.
NewGen Business Solutions ConventionSuite
Provider Name: NewGen Business Solutions
ConventionSuite is a full-featured Accounting/CRM/Customer Service/Ecommerce system for General Service Contractors and Trade Show Managers. It was built using the NetSuite SuiteCloud Platform and is one of the best Business Management Suites available in the industry. More than 24,000 companies use the platform to complement their business processes daily.
360 Contract Billing
Provider Name: 360 Cloud Solutions
360 Contract Billing is a recurring billing management solution built on the NetSuite SuiteCloud platform. This product is designed to provide organizations with a consistent and efficient solution to manage contracts and renewals within NetSuite. Be freed from manual billing processes; automate it!
8x8 Virtual Contact Center
Provider Name: 8x8
8x8, provides the full spectrum of business communications from telephony, through Unified Communications and Contact Center services. 8x8's Virtual Contact Center Product is tightly integrated with NetSuite to provide the easiest to use and most powerful combination of contact center and CRM available in the market today.
Provider Name: Abacus
Abacus is a real-time expense reporting solution that analyzes company behavior to automate expense creation, recommend efficient approval workflows, and enforce your expense policy.
Accrualify Vendor & Spend Management
Provider Name: Accrualify
A complete, all encompassing spend management platform with one-of-a-kind time saving perks. The Purchaser Platform is the first SaaS solution to automate the tedious, time consuming tasks associated with accrual estimation processes. In addition, automate your invoice collection and input, vendor detail collection and management, and ERP input processes. With powerful add-ons, you can also automate your purchase order requests and workflows, plus simplify vendor payments.
Act-On Marketing Automation for NetSuite CRM+
Provider Name: Act-On Software
Act-On's integration with NetSuite CRM+ makes it easier for marketing to deliver more highly qualified, sales-ready leads to the sales team. Using Act-On's native, out-of-the-box integration, you can setup automatic, bi-directional synchronization between NetSuite CRM+ and Act-On easily in minutes. With Act-On, you can attract, capture, and nurture prospects, then convert leads directly into NetSuite CRM+. Sales can access NetSuite CRM+ to get real-time information including prioritized leads and activity history.
Actian Salesforce Connector for NetSuite
Provider Name: Actian Corporation
Salesforce Connector for NetSuite by Actian integrates NetSuite ERP with Salesforce CRM behind-the-scenes to allow a 360-degree view of customer data throughout the lead-to-cash process. With real-time data synchronization, sales teams have immediate visibility into payment, sales orders, invoices, and inventory data within Salesforce. Concurrently, Accounting has visibility into sales activities from within NetSuite. The connector is preconfigured to handle the end-to-end lead-to-cash process across standard NetSuite and Salesforce. For additional requirements, users also have the ability to further customize the integrations, cutting down on lengthy integration cycles with external vendors. Salesforce Connector for NetSuite by Actian enables customers to make more accurate and timely decisions to improve their lead-to-cash process.
Adaptive Planning for NetSuite
Provider Name: Adaptive Insights
Adaptive Insights provides NetSuite users with tightly integrated budgeting, forecasting, and reporting software that is easy, powerful, and fast, and enables a process called active planning. Over 700 NetSuite customers rely on Adaptive Insights for financial planning and enhanced reporting.
Adobe® Sign E-Signature and Contract Management Service
Provider Name: Adobe Systems Inc.
Get your contracts, estimates, and other agreements signed in minutes. With Adobe Sign, your contracts are automatically signed, tracked and filed in NetSuite
Adra's Financial Close Solution
Provider Name: Adra
Adra’s Financial Close Solution brings automation to the integration between Adra’s Reconciliation Management Solution and NetSuite. Adra's Reconciliation Management solution allows you to replace cumbersome spreadsheets and error-prone manual tasks. So you can trust your numbers, free up time, and close faster by putting finance managers and their staff back in control with full real-time visibility, accuracy, and compliance throughout the entire reconciliation process.
Adra’s Transaction Matching Solution
Provider Name: Adra
Adra's Transaction Matching solution sends transaction data extracted by a saved search by CVS over FTP functionality to Adra's secure SFTP site.
Advectus BHPH & LTO
Provider Name: Advectus Solutions Limited
Advectus BHPH & LTO is an end to end Dealer Management System that caters to the industry specifics of a Buy-Here-Pay-Here or Lease_to_Own type of retail Auto dealership. Advectus BHPH_LTO boasts of strong Operation Dashboards that basically handles and controls all the Departments such as CRM, Vehicle Acquisitions, Leases, Collections, repossession, Liquidation and Service and parts Management.
Adyen - Global Payments for NetSuite
Provider Name: Adyen
One plugin to NetSuite ERP and SuiteCommerce supports every payment method you need, in any currency you want. Adyen connects into SuitePayments API to reach your customers however, whenever and wherever people pay.
Agni Link CAD/PDM/PLM Integration for NetSuite
Provider Name: Elmo Solutions
Agni Link is the most advanced CAD-ERP data integration systems currently available. It is an add-in to AutoCAD, SolidWorks, Autodesk Inventor or Solid Edge that offers a unique, reliable and cost-effective way to integrate CAD/PDM/PLM applications with NetSuite. Its purpose is to establish a live, bidirectional link between CAD/PDM/PLM applications and NetSuite. Agni Link can process and synchronize a wide range of data from either side, including, but not limited to: - Product Data: Automatically updates and/or creates component, subassembly or assembly data in ERP system - Bills Of Materials: Automatically updates BoM items quantities in ERP/MRP system - Routing Instructions: Edits and automatically inserts routing data into a CAD document
Alta Via Travel Expense Germany
Provider Name: Alta Via Consulting GmbH
The Alta Via Travel Expense Germany for NetSuite allows you to enter and manage your travel expense reports in accordance to the German Travel Expenses Act (Bundesreisekostengesetz). Your travel data will be maintained and used to calculate German travel per diems.
AltaPay for NetSuite
Provider Name: AltaPay
'AltaPay for NetSuite' is a Global Credit Card and Alternative Payment Acceptance solution, a SuitePayments solution, that enables customers across verticals to receive payments internationally from multiple channels while providing automated reporting and reconciliation within NetSuite. AltaPay enables customers to increase conversion rates and reduce operational overhead associated with payment processing.
ALTEN CalsoftLabs FADEL IPM Integrator App
Provider Name: ALTEN Calsoft Labs
The FADEL IPM Integrator SuiteApp automates and provides seamless integration between NetSuite ERP and FADEL IPM Suite, a leading solution in the IP Management space . The Royalty Management process across the IP lifecycle is automated to help organizations in Straight Through Processing of Rights and Royalties across their Intellectual Property Management value chain.
Alterview Kanban for NetSuite
Provider Name: Alterview Net Solutions AB
Alterview Kanban for NetSuite speeds up your work by providing a clear overview of you processes, letting you focus on the right thing at the right time. The SuiteApp comes with prebuilt Kanbans covering processes for CRM, Sales, Project Management and the Support module. Additionally, you can configure your very own Kanbans for your particular business processes.
Alterview PDF-ExpressEditor
Provider Name: Alterview Net Solutions AB
Have you ever dreamed of the possibility to quickly create advanced printouts from any table in NetSuite, without any programming? With data collection through searches, a built-in editor, template library, express-preview and easy deployment. Alterview PDF-ExpressEditor makes it possible!
Alterview Swedish Bank Payments
Provider Name: Alterview Net Solutions AB
The Alterview Swedish Outgoing Bank Payments SuiteApp provides functionality for Electronic Funds Transfer and Payment Reconciliation for Swedish popular payment formats including Bankgiro, Bankgiro Utland and SEPA Payments. The SuiteApp includes every needed functionality related to Vendor Payments expected by Swedish companies using NetSuite.
Alterview Swedish SIE Format
Provider Name: Alterview Net Solutions AB
Alterview Swedish SIE Format SuiteApp provides support for SIE format which is the Swedish open standard format exchange economic and financial data between software developed by different companies.
Aminian Automated Billing
Provider Name: Aminian Business Services
Aminian's Automated Billing streamlines your billing processes inside NetSuite and greatly reduces the time and resources associated with managing sales orders.
Aminian Automated Collections
Provider Name: Aminian Business Services
Aminian's Automated Collections for NetSuite automates your Accounts Receivable processes and greatly reduces the man-hours associated with managing overdue invoices.
Aminian Automated Product Exchange
Provider Name: Aminian Business Services
The Automated Product Exchange SuiteApp automates time-consuming processes within NetSuite, greatly reducing the time and organizational resources associated with managing product exchanges.
Aminian Customer Satisfaction Survey
Provider Name: Aminian Business Services
Aminian's Customer Survey for NetSuite greatly reduces the man-hours associated with soliciting, compiling, and tracking customer data by providing an automated customer satisfaction survey module within NetSuite.
Aminian Smart Order Entry
Provider Name: Aminian Business Services
Aminian’s Smart Order Entry SuiteApp provides the ability to create sales orders based on a customer’s previous purchase history. Its goal is to greatly reduce the time associated with generating sales orders for existing customers by allowing Sales Reps to create sales orders based on a customer’s purchases over a 30, 60, or 90-day period, with real-time access to current inventory levels.
Aminian Vendor Bill Approval
Provider Name: Aminian Business Services
Aminian's Vendor Bill Approval SuiteApp saves time and preserves valuable resources by allowing department heads, or other permitted employees, to approve or reject Vendor Bills without having to access your NetSuite account.
Annexa REST API for NetSuite
Provider Name: Annexa
Annexa Rest API for NetSuite allows your NetSuite account the capability of providing integration through REST APIs, while you keep control of the access and information you share. REST APIs are light and simple, they offer advantages for real-time integration and developers can quickly create integrations with few resources.
Anytime Collect
Provider Name: e2b teknologies, inc.
Anytime Collect by e2b teknologies is a leading cloud-based accounts receivables credit and collections management system integrated to popular ERP accounting softwares. Anytime Collect is designed specifically for businesses selling to other businesses on credit terms to streamline and automate the entire accounts receivable credit and collections invoice to cash process with a return on investment in as little as two months. Major features include automated statement and invoice delivery, secure customer portal with integrated online bill payment via ACH or credit card, automated collection call management, automated email reminders for invoices coming due, invoice dispute management, cash flow forecasting, business trade credit management, and more.
appficiency Serial and Lot Tracer for NetSuite
Provider Name: appficiency inc.
The appficiency Serial/Lot Tracer (SLTR) bundle is designed to fit into client accounts with minimal additional user work for immediate capabilities to use Global Search in NetSuite to quickly discover a lot or serial numbers’ genealogy. It also provides significant flexibility for the power user. On installation, the bundle allows new transactions, including deep work orders and multi-step manufacturing processes in NetSuite to start tracking serial and lot numbers. This begins by two customizations that create the necessary data trail for native NetSuite to be fully leveraged. SLTR can also be implemented historically for complete catch up where native NetSuite serial/lot numbers have been used.
Arena PLM
Provider Name: Arena Solutions
Arena provides easy-to-start, easy-to-learn, easy-to-use, on-demand software for capturing product data, controlling revisions, managing the engineering change process and sharing complete bills of materials (BOMs) with contract manufacturers and suppliers.
Provider Name: Ariett
Generate savings on every contract, requisition, invoice, payment and expense report with a modern procurement platform for mid-market organizations. Ariett’s Invoice Complete service automatically verifies and populates invoices. From any device, securely submit or approve an ACH, virtual credit card or check payment. Gain a deep integration with NetSuite Vendors, GLs, classifications and subsidiaries for an end-to-end accounting experience that extends your NetSuite Investment.
Ascentis HCM for NetSuite
Provider Name: Ascentis
Ascentis HCM for NetSuite automates critical HR and payroll processes, streamlines workflows, and saves resources. Backed by dedicated and knowledgeable support staff who work to understand clients' unique business needs and challenges, Ascentis offers clients world-class customer service and technical support.
AsiaPay for NetSuite APAC
Provider Name: AsiaPay
AsiaPay for NetSuite APAC is a payment acceptance solution for NetSuite. It is pre-integrated, serving NetSuite merchant customers in the Asia-Pacific region and supporting various business models and payment methods. This NetSuite SuitePayments solution leverages the various AsiaPay payment gateways (PayDollar, PesoPay and SiamPay) for processing in Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, China, Indonesia, India, Vietnam, Australia, Philippines, and Thailand.
AtomSphere by Dell Boomi (Integration Platform as a Service)
Provider Name: Atomsphere by Dell Boomi
Dell Boomi’s integration platform as a service (iPaaS), AtomSphere®, seamlessly extends the NetSuite platform by connecting any combination of cloud and on-premises applications to automate business processes - without software, appliances or coding. Integration, Master Data Management, API Management, ETL and EDI are all available from Dell Boomi’s 100% cloud-based, scalable and easy to use platform. Find out why NetSuite customers such as DocuSign, Genesys, ServiceMax, Meltwater & Qlik Ziggi depend on Dell Boomi – and why you should too.
Audaxium Quote To Opportunity Line Sync
Provider Name: Audaxium
Audaxium Quote to Opportunity Line Sync allows sales reps to easily sync up opportunity line items and line details from a linked quote, to keep sales forecast accurate and up-to-date.
Australia Post Parcel Service for NetSuite
Provider Name: Australia Post
The Australia Post Shipping and Tracking Services enables you to manage the fulfillment and dispatch of your customer orders more efficiently. The solution assists your business in creating and printing labels, managing parcel lodgements, and tracking deliveries.
Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle
Provider Name: Autodesk, Inc.
Autodesk® Fusion Lifecycle is the next-generation cloud-based alternative to traditional product lifecycle management. Fusion Lifecycle is powerful, affordable, and easy-to-implement for companies of any size.
Automated Reconciliation for SuitePayments
Provider Name: Merchant e-Solutions
Automated Reconciliation for SuitePayments ensures your NetSuite accounting records accurately reflect your actual credit card payment results. In a single view, confirm that your customer transactions match the actual funds deposited to your account.
Avalara AvaTax for NetSuite
Provider Name: Avalara
Avalara helps businesses achieve compliance with transactional taxes, including sales and use, VAT, excise, communications, and other tax types, with easy-to-use, cloud-based automated solutions.
AvidXchange AP Automation for NetSuite
Provider Name: AvidXchange
AvidXchange is a Built for NetSuite AP and Payment Automation solution that is developed on the NetSuite SuiteCloud platform. Our solution is designed to mirror your current approval processes and workflows, but without the paper and inefficiency. Offerings include electronic invoice capture, invoice approval workflow, and a variety of payment execution methods to facilitate 100% of vendor payments. We don’t reinvent your Accounts Payable processes, we simply make them better.
AVT Container Management
Provider Name: Absolute Vision Technologies (AVT)
AVT Container Management solution for NetSuite allows wholesale import businesses to track and receive shipments and manage Landed Cost allocations in an easy to use process in NetSuite. Users can track SRNs, bulk receive POs, consolidate POs and evaluate Landed Cost allocations by either Weight, Volume, Quantity or Amount. Our Bulk receipting process and Landed Cost Calculator improve staff productivity and efficiency and simplify the process of managing and receiving containers.
AVT Manufacturing
Provider Name: Absolute Vision Technologies (AVT)
AVT Manufacturing SuiteApp optimizes the performance of NetSuite Manufacturing ERP by providing a number of process automations key to a manufacturing business. Summary of automations include Product Configuration, BOM Revision Management, Production Planing & Scheduling and Shop floor control. Our solution will give you better control and visibility around your manufacturing operations and improve your overall performance. Since our solution was built natively in NetSuite, you wouldn't have to use any external systems to manage.
AVT Resource Management
Provider Name: Absolute Vision Technologies (AVT)
AVT Resource Management allows you to run an efficient service business within NetSuite. Our resource management solution allows you to track and manage resources and their allocations using a graphic drag and drop scheduling board all built in NetSuite, so you are able to plan work and react quickly to your customer and operational needs using minimal effort.
AVT SmartFreight Shipping AU NZ UK
Provider Name: Absolute Vision Technologies (AVT)
AVT SmartFreight Shipping solution for NetSuite allows you to streamline your shipping and dispatch operations and reduce manual overheads in managing dispatch side of the business. Designed for WholeSale, Distribution and Manufacturing business, it allow users to estimate freight and book consignments across multiple carriers all within NetSuite and SuiteCommerce checkout. The estimation and booking processes are managed on standard NetSuite records including Sales Order, Item Fulfilment, Transfer Orders, Quotes and invoice and work in native NetSuite environment.
B2BGateway EDI
Provider Name: B2BGateway
EDI is required by all NetSuite users who either sell or purchase goods to / from large format retailers, online shopping platforms (eCommerce sites), pharmacies, the automotive industry, manufacturing, third party logistics (3PL) and most other businesses who wish to automate their supply chain processes. B2BGateway.Net provides cost-effective EDI and supply chain solutions to NetSuite users around the world.
Provider Name: BambooHR
BambooHR for NetSuite maximizes your human capital management investment by providing the necessary critical data and functionality to run the people side of your business. This HR software informs your people strategy, provides accurate and meaningful insights, and enables your employees to do strategic, value added tasks themselves rather than burden your administration. Drastically reduce the time, expense, and complexity of managing your people data and be confident with BambooHR, so you can lead your people.
Barcoding Data Capture Services (BDCS™)
Provider Name: Barcoding, Inc.
Barcoding Data Capture Services (BDCS) provides NetSuite customers with certified worry free platforms to get the most out of NetSuite WMS. BDCS includes mobile computers, barcode label generation and printing, wireless infrastructure, and the deployment support.
Barilliance Personalized Product Recommendations Solution
Provider Name: Barilliance
Present customers with the most relevant recommendation type and products in real time. Our advanced recommendations engine shows the most relevant products automatically without any programming effort from the retailer.
Barilliance Website Personalization Solution
Provider Name: Barilliance
Website Personalization by Barilliance lets you segment and target your customers with relevant dynamic content, messages and offers by defining multiple segments based on real time shopper engagement using location, referral urls, keywords, device type and other attributes.
Barrel ERP (BERP)
Provider Name: Hein & Associates LLP
Barrel ERP is one of the first cloud-based solutions for craft beverage manufacturers, who need a complete solution to manage their entire business from store front all the way to manufacturing. Built entirely on the NetSuite SuiteCloud platform, it’s a comprehensive solution, which includes ERP, CRM, HCM, Brewhouse Production, and ecommerce. Barrel ERP was built for the craft brewing industry and is the modern solution to address a dynamic and growing industry.
Bedrock Data
Provider Name: Bedrock Data - NetSuite Integration Platform
Bedrock Data allows you to setup multi-directional NetSuite integrations with your other SaaS systems. You can sync NetSuite records to and from NetSuite to other apps like HubSpot, Marketo, Pardot, Eloqua, Acto-on, ConnectWise, Cvent, Eventbrite, MailChimp, GoToWebinar, WebEx, Zendesk and many more.
Provider Name: Birst, Inc
Birst for NetSuite enables businesses to achieve greater operational efficiency through analysis of bookings and billings, order processing, exception analysis and much more. Birst's patented Cloud two-tier data architecture creates a single view of all your data and empowers business users to analyze it using reports, dashboards, mobile, and visual discovery.
Bitcoin Transaction Coordinator
Provider Name: ARZ Transactions Systems
The Bitcoin Transaction Coordinator allows any NetSuite account to accept Bitcoin as a payment method and a foreign currency.
Blackline Financial Close Data Connector
Provider Name: BlackLine
The Data Connector integrates BlackLine’s award winning Financial Close Suite, which allows clients to add efficiency, control, and unprecedented visibility, with NetSuite. The tool contains Account Reconciliation, Task Management, Transaction Matching, Journal Entry, Variance Analysis, and Consolidation Integrity Manager modules.
BMI Cloud Solutions QSmap for NetSuite
Provider Name: BMI Cloud Solutions
BMI Cloud Solutions QSmap for NetSuite is an interactive search tool where users identify a region of a map where they're looking for data. Results are displayed in an easy to use format. Data can be saved to CSV or Static Group for future marketing.
Box for NetSuite
Provider Name: Box
Box (NYSE: BOX) transforms the way people and organizations work, so they can achieve their greatest ambitions. As the world's leading enterprise software platform for content collaboration, Box helps businesses of all sizes - in every industry - to securely access and manage their critical information in the cloud. Learn more:
Provider Name: Business Systems Integrators
The BSI EDI for NetSuite SuiteApp is a best-of-breed state of the art solution, the proven choice, and business advantage for many organizations. BSI prides itself on quality solutions and service that truly makes EDI easier for customers and exceeds expectations—whether it’s implementing one of the BSI EDI software products or for custom integration development. Lower your monthlies with advanced direct connect trading partner integration!
CADLink - Live CAD-NetSuite BOM Link!
Provider Name: QBuild Software
With over 15 years of experience in CAD-ERP integration, QBuild’s CADLink is a turnkey system designed to tightly connect our customer CAD/PDM/PLM design information to their NetSuite system. CADLink uses a real-time, bidirectional link to pull and push your BOM data in a single click. Create items, draw comparisons, highlight discrepancies, and make changes to two different data sets in one interface and in minutes! Reduce costly mistakes, eliminate manual entry, and synchronize your CAD/PDM/PLM and NetSuite Bill of Materials (BOM) in an organized and controlled way. CADLink launches right out of CAD/PDM/PLM system and allows Design Engineers to regain lead time and do what they do!
CallidusCloud CPQ
Provider Name: CallidusCloud
Rushed, manually generated proposals stop your prospects from signing on the dotted line and they hurt your margin. Improve the process by guiding reps to the right product at the right price, encouraging upselling and cross-selling, all on a mobile device. Aberdeen Research shows that companies that use CPQ have a 104% larger average deal size.
Card Swipe for SuitePayments
Provider Name: Merchant e-Solutions
Card Swipe for SuitePayments makes taking payments even easier with an integrated card reader that can be used with NetSuite’s Standard ERP. Choose a USB or Bluetooth® reader and simply swipe cards for an improved checkout experience. Card Swipe is compatible with all Merchant e-Solutions SuitePayments offerings, including Automated Reconciliation and Card on File Tokens with Account Updater.
CCH® Sales Tax SaaS for NetSuite®
Provider Name: Wolters Kluwer
Accurately calculate and file sales and use tax down to the product and address-validated level with CCH® Sales Tax SaaS CORE for NetSuite . Sales Tax SaaS leverages today's proven technologies to cost-effectively simplify complex tax caluclations rules, reporting and returns filing.
CCH® SureTax®
Provider Name: Wolters Kluwer
Accurately calculate sales, use, telecommunications and energy tax down to the product and address-validated level with CCH SureTax™. CCH SureTax leverages modern technologies to cost-effectively simplify complex tax calculations rules and management reporting.
CEDAR Lead Record Management
Provider Name: BMI Cloud Solutions
CEDAR Lead Record Management was designed to help NetSuite users manage and control the abundance of data flowing in and out of their enterprise systems. CEDAR LRM addresses the need to clean, manage, merge and create a holistic view of Marketing and Sales data prior to being imported into sales. CEDAR provides a robust platform where NetSuite users can work, store and manage low level and low quality leads while they're being nurtured. Essentially, CEDAR adds a repeatable process for improving the quality of marketing and sales information being added to NetSuite.
Celergo Global Payroll
Provider Name: Celergo, LLC
Celergo is a proven leader in the delivery of global payroll services. Our value proposition is simple: “One provider, one integrated system, one point of contact, one consolidated payroll register and one consolidated invoice in one currency.” Integration with Celergo provides NetSuite's OneWorld clients the ability to enable their global HR, financial and international payroll administrative processing. We have built core expertise in managing some of the most complicated clients, payrolls, in the most complex business environments around the world. Celergo solves your business issues by providing solutions to enable organizations to apply better fiscal controls and obtain greater visibility to global payroll processes.
Celigo ADP Connector
Provider Name: Celigo, Inc
Keep Payroll and Employee information synchronized with Celigo’s ADP to NetSuite SmartConnector. Reduce manual bookkeeping activities by automatically creating journal entries in NetSuite based on ADP payroll information. Ensure NetSuite is in sync with ADP by ensuring employee information updates in ADP are updated in NetSuite.
Celigo Amazon Connector
Provider Name: Celigo, Inc
Integrate Amazon to NetSuite ERP for timely order fulfillment, accurate product availability, and real-time order statuses with Celigo’s prebuilt, out-of-the-box SmartConnector. Quickly and easily integrate order, product and customer information between Amazon and NetSuite without additional development or IT support.
Celigo BigCommerce Connector
Provider Name: Celigo, Inc
Celigo BigCommerce - NetSuite Connector helps retailers combine the BigCommerce eCommerce platform with the proven back office features of NetSuite. Since the integration is fully automated, you can focus on increasing sales and accurately manage the resulting orders, instead of wasting time manually keeping your BigCommerce Webstore and NetSuite account in sync.
Celigo Cash Application Manager
Provider Name: Celigo, Inc
Automate up to 90% of cash application for bank payments with Celigo’s Cash Application Manager. Customer payments made via Lockbox, wire transfers, or ACH are automatically and immediately applied against invoices in NetSuite. Reduce DSO, improve cash flow management, and gain real-time payment statuses with real-time A/R processing. Lower operating costs and human errors with hands-free processing. The prebuilt NetSuite integration does not require additional development so you can quickly implement Cash Application Manager and enjoy the benefits of automation without IT support.
Celigo CloudExtend for Google Apps
Provider Name: Celigo, Inc
Celigo CloudExtend for Google Apps enables true cloud-to-cloud synchronization of Google Apps Gmail, Calendar, Drive and Contacts with NetSuite.
Celigo eBay Connector
Provider Name: Celigo, Inc
Celigo eBay Connector for NetSuite is a subscription-based Integration-as-a-Service product that provides a fully automated integration between eBay and NetSuite.
Celigo Excel SmartClient for NetSuite
Provider Name: Celigo, Inc
One click access to your NetSuite data from within Microsoft Excel®. Retrieve, update, add and delete NetSuite data in real-time through a simple user interface.
Provider Name: Celigo, Inc
Connect NetSuite or any business applications using the smarter iPaaS integration platform. Celigo's is an integration platform-as-a-service that tech-savvy business users and operations staff can quickly and easily connect any applications without any IT coding required.
Celigo Jet Connector
Provider Name: Celigo, Inc
Celigo Jet Connector for NetSuite helps retailers scale big on Jet while leveraging the proven back-office features of NetSuite. When loyal buyers encounter delays due to broken systems, online sellers lose their credibility. Our connector protects your reputation by preserving the integrity of your systems and manages all of your integration complexities bringing you time and cost efficiencies.
Celigo JIRA Connector
Provider Name: Celigo, Inc
The Celigo JIRA - NetSuite Connector ties together your product development, support and back office operations for an enhanced customer experience. Capture product conversations and service issues from multiple applications to improve issue resolution and enhance the overall product experience. The Connector integrates your teams effectively so they can collaborate with greater speed and higher efficiency in serving customers satisfactorily.
Celigo Magento Connector
Provider Name: Celigo, Inc
Celigo Magento Connector for NetSuite is a subscription-based Integration-as-as-Service product which provides a fully automated integration between NetSuite and Magento 1/Magento 2 ecommerce platforms.
Celigo OpenAir to Salesforce Connector
Provider Name: Celigo, Inc
Gain complete project visibility from sales to implementation with Celigo’s OpenAir and Salesforce SmartConnector. Connect Salesforce and OpenAir using Celigo's prebuilt, out-of-the-box integration to automatically synchronize and update sales activities and project information between the two applications.
Celigo Salesforce Commerce Cloud Connector
Provider Name: Celigo, Inc
Streamline online sales with Celigo's SmartConnector for Salesforce Commerce Cloud (formerly Demandware) and NetSuite. We offer the industry's only out-of-the-box solution with pre-built integration flows for synchronizing order, fulfillment, inventory, other critical data and workflows between NetSuite and Commerce Cloud. SmartConnectors offer IT-lite integrations so that business users can directly implement and configure integrations using intuitive wizards and guides. Similar to other cloud applications, upgrades and ongoing maintenance updates are all handled by the Celigo team.
Celigo Salesforce Connector
Provider Name: Celigo, Inc
Automate lead-to-cash processes with Celigo’s Salesforce to NetSuite SmartConnector. As one of the first integration product in the market, this SmartConnector provides the most comprehensive, prebuilt integration for Salesforce and NetSuite.
Celigo Shopify Connector
Provider Name: Celigo, Inc
Celigo Shopify Connector for NetSuite helps retailers combine the powerful Shopify eCommerce platform with the proven back office features of NetSuite. Since the integration is fully automated, you can focus on increasing sales and accurately manage the resulting orders, instead of wasting time manually keeping your Shopify Webstore and NetSuite account in sync.
Celigo Silicon Valley Bank Connector
Provider Name: Celigo, Inc
The Silicon Valley Bank Connector (SVB) for NetSuite enables SVB customers to perform bank reconciliation in a more efficient and automated manner in conjunction with NetSuite bank reconciliation functionality. The Connector offers an intuitive user interface, customized matching logic and automated import of SVB account transactions into NetSuite.
Celigo Vendor Payment Manager
Provider Name: Celigo, Inc
Celigo Vendor Payment Manager makes Accounts Payable processes more efficient by automating FTP transfers of vendor payment files from NetSuite to banks, and corresponding acknowledgements and summary files from banks to NetSuite. By automating these types of file transfers, companies can reduce operating costs, strengthen vendor relationships, and improve compliance with internal controls. Companies can also easily scale without adding more staff as the number of payments or vendors grow. Since Vendor Payment Manager is an out-of-the-box application, companies gain fast time-to-value.
Celigo Walmart Connector
Provider Name: Celigo, Inc
Celigo Walmart Connector for NetSuite helps retailers scale big on Walmart while leveraging the proven back-office features of NetSuite. When loyal buyers encounter delays due to broken systems, online sellers lose their credibility. Our connector protects your reputation by preserving the integrity of your systems and manages all of your integration complexities bringing you time and cost efficiencies.
Celigo Zendesk Connector
Provider Name: Celigo, Inc
The Zendesk Connector for NetSuite enables companies to provide better customer services by providing back office visibility from NetSuite right in Zendesk.
Central Desktop Sync for NetSuite
Provider Name: Central Desktop
The Central Desktop Sync for NetSuite connects people and information in the cloud, making it possible to share files, combine knowledge, inspire ideas, manage projects and more.
Ceridian Dayforce HCM
Provider Name: Ceridian HCM
Ceridian is a global human capital management technology company serving users in more than 50 countries. Our offering includes the award winning, cloud-based Dayforce HCM, Global Solutions and Small Business Payroll. Dayforce HCM is a cloud-based solution for Payroll, Benefits, Workforce Management, Human Resources, Talent Management, Document Management, and Analytics. As a single application for HCM, Dayforce provides organizations with access to real-time data and results across all domains of HCM. With one employee record, one user experience and zero interfaces, organizations can find, hire and develop the right people, process pay, manage benefits enrollment, maintain HR records, and schedule staff with work-life balance while monitoring compliance throughout the employee lifecycle. Ceridian.
ChannelAdvisor Platform
Provider Name: ChannelAdvisor Corporation
Scale your business across hundreds of online channels. ChannelAdvisor is a leading provider of cloud-based e-commerce solutions that enable retailers and manufacturers to integrate, manage and optimize their merchandise sales across channels such as Amazon, Google, eBay and more. Through ChannelAdvisor technology, customers can easily leverage a single inventory feed to more efficiently list and advertise products online, connect with more consumers and increase sales.
CleanSweep Archive
Provider Name: Techfino LLC
CleanSweep Archive allows you to back-up transactions, records and files to enable data warehousing and business intelligence (BI) tools.
CleanSweep File Manager
Provider Name: Techfino LLC
CleanSweep File Manager helps NetSuite customers archive the contents of their file cabinet to the cloud for lower cost storage. After safely storing all documents to the CleanSweep cloud, customers can automatically purge the contents of their file cabinet on a scheduled basis freeing up valuable space in NetSuite and reducing clutter.
Cloud Coders eWAY Reconciliation
Provider Name: Cloud Coders
Cloud Coders eWAY Reconciliation is an automated reconciliation solution for eWAY payments, whether payment is taken within NetSuite, or from external websites, or payment portals.
Cloud Coders Netsuite Hosted E-Commerce Integration
Provider Name: Cloud Coders
Netsuite Native application that allows customers to manage multiple Ecommerce websites from within NetSuite Account, include orders, items and customers.
Cloud Coders WM powered by Honeywell
Provider Name: Cloud Coders
Cloud Coders Warehouse Management Solution is built and run entirely on the NetSuite SuiteCloud platform, and supports a range of handheld devices. Our software runs locally on the mobile device utilising the Honeywell/Movilizer platform. This gives you fast, always on WMS functionality from your cloud based ERP. All tasks are driven from NetSuite, maintaining control and visibility of orders as they are completed. We support NetSuite's Item configurations, including Matrix, Assemblies, Kits and Units of Measure, and provide flexibility on Procurement and Fulfilment processes. You can be assured that you are investing in a product that supports the scalability and flexibility your business needs to adapt in our ever changing environment, including multi language support built into the core Honeywell/Movilizer platform
Cloud Smoothie
Provider Name: Demand Works Co.
Cloud Smoothie is a native cloud solution for advanced demand forecasting, inventory planning and optimization, capacity planning and S&OP. It is tightly integrated with NetSuite, enabling easy and automatic updates of NetSuite demand plans and safety stock levels.
CloudONE Taiwan GUI/VAT for NetSuite
Provider Name: CloudONE Innovations
NetSuite Taiwan GUI / VAT System This taxation system is designed and developed for NetSuite ERP customers to fulfill Taiwan tax regulation of Government Uniform Invoice / Value Added Tax system.
Cloudtamers Booking Manager
Provider Name: Cloudtamers
Cloudtamers Booking Manager is an essential tool for enhancing NetSuite's standard functionality for marketing and controlling any bookable item or facility e.g. rooms, buildings, catering and other ancillary services; equipment and other resources for hire.
Cloudtamers HR Manager
Provider Name: Cloudtamers
Cloudtamers HR Manager powered by NetSuite is a comprehensive Human Capital Management (HCM) application to manage the entire employment lifecycle, from Recruitment, through Retention to Release. Supporting good HR practices and legal compliance, Cloudtamers HR can be configured to support compliance with employment legislation across multiple jurisdictions throughout the world.
Cloudtamers Payroll Importer
Provider Name: Cloudtamers Ltd
Cloudtamers Payroll Importer (PI) is efficient, accurate and easy to operate, importing information from multiple payrolls across different jurisdiction into NetSuite and NetSuite OneWorld. Whether payroll is run in-house or outsourced (e.g. a payroll bureau), Cloudtamers PI brings external payroll transaction information into NetSuite, creating a financial journal optionally summarised by department, class and location, with an option to place copy payslip information on employee records.
Cloudtamers Transaction Approval Manager
Provider Name: Cloudtamers
Cloudtamers Transaction Approval Manager enhances NetSuite's standard approval process (based upon staff hierarchy and approval limits) to include multi level and multi transaction type with a 'request more info' option as well as approve or reject.
Clustin EU Fourth Accounting Directive for NetSuite
Provider Name: Clustin S.r.l.
An easy to use tool which guides users through the process of reclassifying the general ledger to produce accounts in the format required by the EU 4th Directive.
Clutch Essential Gift, Loyalty & Automated Marketing Platform
Provider Name: Clutch
Clutch offers a universal gift and loyalty solution built expressly for NetSuite. This productized version of our enterprise platform is designed to offer small to medium sized business access to sophisticated technology at a mid-market price. The platform enables businesses to execute [spend x get y] loyalty constructs while taking advantage of pre-configured marketing campaigns designed to solve small business challenges like: retaining a lost customer, rewarding VIP's, bolstering slow periods and more...Additionally, Clutch includes stored value options that are also integrated directly into NetSuite's ERP and exercise best practices like differentiating between Gift cards, Promo cards, and merchandise credit programs. Both solutions are seamlessly tracked and reported, both, in the ERP and in the Clutch platform through our dually synced integration.
Clutch Gift, Loyalty & Automated Marketing Platform
Provider Name: Clutch
Clutch offers a universal gift and loyalty solution. It is focused on enabling brands to personally market to their existing consumers. The platform enables businesses to centralize and synthesize their customer data spanning in-store, online, social and mobile channels. The data is then analyzed in real-time to create sophisticated customer segments and profiles for unprecedented customer understanding. The analysis is used to strategically develop powerful, personalized campaigns deployed across online, in-store, mobile, social, email and direct mail channels.
Collections & Dunning Automation By Lirik Inc.
Provider Name: Lirik, Inc.
Simplion Collections & Dunning Automation assists you in your collections process by providing tools to search, mark and generate dunning messages and statements for overdue customers.
CommuniGator - Marketing Automation & Lead Generation Suite
Provider Name: CommuniGator
The CommuniGator SuiteApp helps your sales and marketing teams manage targeted sales lists, email campaigns and even website visits, all in one place.
Commvault ObjectStore
Provider Name: Commvault Systems, Inc.
The Commvault ObjectStore is a data repository for your NetSuite application data. This application acts as a plugin for NetSuite, allowing end-users to store files directly in the Commvault ObjectStore. The application must be installed and configured by the NetSuite administrator with Commvault ObjectStore enabled for NetSuite users. The plugin provides functions such as online preview, drag and drop, and more.
Provider Name: ConceptShare
ConceptShare for NetSuite is an integrated solution for creative Review & Approval that helps agencies and creative services teams accelerate their creative project delivery - reducing risk, protecting margins, and increasing profitability. Shine a light into the black hole of Work-in-Progress by integrating ConceptShare with NetSuite. Eliminate version chaos, accelerate your creative project delivery, and keep your accounts teams and clients on the same page.
Concur Connector for NetSuite
Provider Name: Concur
With the Concur Connector for NetSuite, you can easily integrate our expense management system into NetSuite Financials, giving you greater visibility into how money is being spent so you can make better decisions about control and costs. Our innovative and adaptable solution combines built-in controls with the flexibility to make sure you can manage compliance and your company’s budget your way. With Concur Connector for NetSuite, financial integration is simplified and streamlined. Once an employee’s expenses are approved, they become visible in NetSuite and allocated with appropriate expense codes.
Configure One - CPQ Software for NetSuite
Provider Name: Configure One
Configure One provides NetSuite customers with industry-leading configurator and CPQ (configure price quote) software functionality that has been fully integrated with NetSuite since 2007.
ConnectWise Sell
Provider Name: ConnectWise
ConnectWise Sell, formerly Quosal, is a cloud-based quoting and sales platform natively integrated with NetSuite, and proud recipient of the 2017 SuiteApp of the Year. As a NetSuite user, integration with ConnectWise Sell as your CPQ solution makes creating professional proposals and quotes faster than ever, allowing reps to quote products and services directly from distribution partners. It’s easy to update cover letters, statements of work, even quote items that don’t yet exist inside of NetSuite. Sell walks you through a guided process for consistency, and automatically feeds sales pipeline information back to NetSuite opportunities, providing the real time visibility that’s so critical for success. See how Sell built for NetSuite can shorten your sales cycle and help your business run more smoothly.
Consolidated Billing By Lirik Inc.
Provider Name: Lirik, Inc.
Lirik’s Consolidated Billing is a powerful solution for automated or manual consolidation, payment and complete billing process. The Consolidated invoice that is created provides line item detail; does not hit the general ledger; is not included in forecasting and provides total summary information automatically in the header of the Consolidated invoice.
Provider Name:
EXTEND NetSuite with's cloud contact center toolbar. EMPOWER your Support, Services, Sales, Marketing and Finance teams to be more productive. ENGAGE your prospects and customers faster through voice, voicemail, fax, chat, email, and SMS, thereby, improving customer satisfaction and sales. is your all-in-one inbound and outbound contact center - IVR, ACD, PBX, screen pops, click-to-dial, and much more!
Coupa Cloud Procurement, Sourcing and Expense Management for NetSuite
Provider Name: Coupa Software
Coupa delivers software innovation that breeds responsible spending while impacting the company bottom line. It makes companies more profitable by amplifying their spend power, all with one simple platform that employees enjoy using on a daily basis.
Crafted ERP
Provider Name: Peakaso Partners, LLC
Crafted ERP is an ultimate solution for craft beverage manufacturers. Available in four editions (Brewery Edition, Distillery Edition, Winery Edition and NA Edition), Crafted ERP is a complete business management tool that includes ERP, CRM, HRIS and eCommerce. Built on NetSuite, the fastest growing cloud-based ERP, Crafted ERP is a system that companies in the craft beverage space will very much need.
CSRware - Conflict Minerals Management
Provider Name: CSRware, Inc.
CSRware® offers a Conflict Minerals Management Software enabling you to fulfill requirements for SEC disclosure by adhering to the EICC / GeSI (Global e-Sustainability Initiative) / CMRT (Conflict Minerals Reporting Template) IPC-1755 organized framework. CSRware® offers a standardized ability to pull together key data from suppliers to analyze risk, increase response rates, prepare for audits and to generate reports for Form SD, CMR (Conflict Minerals Report) and Company-Level reports.
CSRware - Responsible Supply Chain
Provider Name: CSRware, Inc.
CSRware® in partnership with NetSuite offers NetSuite customers access to the Supply Chain Compliance (SCC) software securing a responsible supply chain ensuring your company and suppliers meet regulatory compliance. The solution adds structure and accuracy to your business decision making process. It drives the transformation of disparate corporate data into measurable results, flags risks and provides a project management approach to corrective actions.
CuriousRubik - Kite Rostering & Appointments App
Provider Name: CuriousRubik
With CuriousRubik Rostering & Appointments, you can easily roster employees, book appointments across locations, stores, outlets , all within NetSuite. The solution was built on the NetSuite SuiteCloud platform and it has visually rich interface that guides through every step.
CyberSource SuitePayments
Provider Name: CyberSource Corporation
Payment Processing | Fraud Management
Provider Name: DATABASICS
The DATABASICS app brings together the latest technology in expense reporting with NetSuite, simplifying the expense reporting process. You have the flexibility to do what you need, on the web or on your mobile device. Anywhere, anytime.
DCAA On-Demand
Provider Name: Daston Corporation
Daston created a NetSuite solution built entirely on the NetSuite SuiteCloud platform especially designed for use by federal government contractors. Daston’s DCAA On-Demand offering extends NetSuite’s functionality so that government contractors can seamlessly automate and manage business processes in accordance with DCAA compliance.

Dell Boomi AtomSphere - Master Data Management (MDM)
Provider Name: Dell Boomi
Built on the Dell Boomi AtomSphere integration platform as a service (iPaaS), Dell Boomi MDM is a 100% cloud-managed, next-generation master data management solution that satisfies the capabilities, economics and time to value requirements of NetSuite customers.
Dell Boomi Cloud Integration for Human Capital Management
Provider Name: Dell Boomi
A leader in the Gartner iPaaS Magic Quadrant, Dell Boomi is a leading platform for integrating on-premises and SaaS human resources applications like Workday with NetSuite to automate HCM business processes. Benefits of Dell Boomi Cloud Integration for Human Resources include quick and easy bi-directional application integration; centralized data management; streamlining of the “hire-to-retire” HR lifecycle and related processes; no coding, no software, and no appliances to install or maintain.
DemandCaster Sales Forecasting and Inventory Planning Software
Provider Name: DemandCaster
DemandCaster is a full featured and affordable sales forecasting and inventory planning software as a service application that integrates directly with NetSuite to help manufacturing and distribution companies accurately forecast demand and optimize inventory to support sales and operations planning and day to day execution.
Provider Name:
Deputy is a simple and innovative workplace management solution for employee scheduling, time and attendance, task management, communication and more. Run your business in the cloud with powerful web and mobile apps. Automatically import employees and run payroll from Deputy to NetSuite with just a few clicks.
Descartes OzLINK Advanced Packing and ASN for NetSuite
Provider Name: Descartes Systems Group (formerly Oz Development, Inc.)
Descartes OzLINK Advanced Packing and ASN provides package-level bar code scanning to validate package contents, generating the extensions for NetSuite, enabling the creation and transmission of an ASN (Advanced Shipping Notice). Moreover, OzLINK integrates with SPS Commerce to create the retail compliance labels, in addition to the carrier shipment labels, while seamlessly integrating with warehouse pack/ship processes.
Descartes OzLINK Advanced Shipping for NetSuite
Provider Name: Descartes (formerly Oz Development)
OzLINK Advanced Shipping by Oz Development dramatically increases fulfillment throughput by enabling the sharing of order information between NetSuite and shipping carrier-provided software. OzLINK automatically updates NetSuite with tracking numbers, freight charges, weights and other detailed shipment information.
Descartes OzLINK Channel for NetSuite
Provider Name: Descartes (formerly Oz Development)
OzLINK Channel by Oz Development integrates external e-commerce applications into the NetSuite ERP. Supported applications include Magento, ChannelAdvisor, eBay, and Amazon. Additionally, OzLINK Channel automates business rules, such as order routing and screening, automating these processes and enabling, “manage by exception”.
Descartes OzLINK Mobile Pro for NetSuite
Provider Name: Descartes (formerly Oz Development)
OzLINK Mobile Pro by Oz Development provides bar code scanning automation for NetSuite. OzLINK Mobile Pro is compatible with iOS and Android based devices.
Descartes OzLINK Pro for UPS
Provider Name: Descartes (formerly Oz Development)
OzLINK Pro for UPS by Oz Development integrates UPS WorldShip seamlessly with the NetSuite item fulfillment process. OzLINK is UPS Ready certified and CTP (Customer Technology Program Vendor) approved.
Descartes OzLink™ Mobile Enterprise for NetSuite
Provider Name: Descartes (formerly Oz Development)
Descartes OzLink™ Mobile Enterprise enables users to quickly receive full containers, dynamically move inventory, and pick orders faster without making mistakes. Achieve these results using a few simple prompts on a hand-held mobile computer with a built-in barcode scanner.
Descartes Route Planner™ On-demand
Provider Name: Descartes Systems Group (formerly Oz Development)
Descartes Route Planner™ On-demand provides an easy and affordable way to plan, optimize, dispatch route, track, monitor delivery fleets and capture electronic proof of delivery in real time.
Provider Name: DiCentral
DiCentral, a leading innovator in supply chain management solutions, provides complete EDI integration with NetSuite ERP via NetSuite’s SuiteCloud platform. DiIntegrator is a pre-built EDI solution installed locally, or in a public or private cloud. This unique architecture allows for quick installation and takes the weight off the user for map updates and daily maintenance. DiCentral’s model provides the user powerful software that leverages their investment in NetSuite ERP by accelerating the user’s ability to build large ASNs and configure UCC-128 bar code label printing by UPC to save time in the warehouse and eliminate errors.
DKD Agency Mobile Field Service
Provider Name: DKD Agency Pty Ltd
FieldAware is an industry leader in field service software for with a web based and made-for-mobile application that runs online and offline (including access to all data) on iOS and Android platforms
DocuPeak for NetSuite
Provider Name: Webiplex™
DocuPeak is an enterprise-class document management and accounts payable automation solution, bringing OCR and content extraction, metadata linking, and volume document processing to NetSuite. Feeling overwhelmed with manually managed file folders, cabinets or boxes? Evolve up to DocuPeak document management.
DocuSign for NetSuite
Provider Name: DocuSign
DocuSign for NetSuite helps NetSuite users close deals faster by collecting signatures electronically - right from an opportunity within NetSuite. The global standard for eSignature, DocuSign offers the fastest, most secure way to send, sign, track and store documents.
Domo Data Connection for NetSuite
Provider Name: Domo, Inc.
NetSuite data is essential to finance organizations—from department heads trying to calculate ROI to analysts trying to forecast revenue. With Domo, stakeholders can visualize NetSuite data together with data from any data source (CRM, eCommerce, marketing, Excel, etc.) in a real-time dashboard. That means fewer reports for finance and increased efficiency for your organization as a whole.
DSI Digital Supply Chain Platform
Provider Name: DSI
DSI’s Digital Supply Chain Platform is Built for NetSuite verified SuiteApp that provides over 200 pre-built apps and also allows you to design, develop, deploy and manage mobile-first apps for any role, any device, offline capabilities leveraging NetSuite's cloud-based systems of record for REAL TIME transparency.
DSI Field Service
Provider Name: DSI
Connectivity is at the core of successful field service operations, DSI's Field Service solutions equip mobile workers with real-time parts and inventory information, tracking time and labor, or providing access to current work instructions. The DSI Field Service Solution is easily configurable to include other DSI products and solutions like the DSI Survey App and DSI Product Locator App, which use native device GPS mapping to enable instant access to accurate product, vendor or job site locations, eliminating the need to transfer information from a sales or vendor report to a mapping mechanism.
DSI Inventory Management App
Provider Name: DSI
DSI's Cloud Inventory Management App offers the speed of the cloud to rapidly connect your business with REAL-TIME inventory information, including remote, satellite and in-transit locations. The Cloud Inventory App can be customized to your business processes and meet your changing business model without costly or lengthy implementations.
DSI Route Sales
Provider Name: DSI
DSI's Delivery and Route Sales Solutions quickly meets customer needs and make more sales calls with real-time inventory, customer and order information. DSI equips your business to proactively meet customers’ needs from anywhere on the delivery or sales route and close business, up-sell and cross-sell while in the field, improving the overall customer experience while increasing revenue. Increase field delivery and sales productivity with apps that include direct store delivery, route sales, product locator and survey capabilities, so your sales team can close business wherever it happens.
eBridge Connections Universal Integration Platform
Provider Name: eBridge Connections
The eBridge Connections cloud-based integration platform for NetSuite automates vital business processes and eliminates manual data entry by enabling bi-directional data exchange between NetSuite and leading eCommerce platforms, EDI trading partners and CRM applications.
Elim Solutions A/R One - Accounts Receivable Manager
Provider Name: Elim Solutions Inc
Elim Solutions A/R One SuiteApp is a simple, systematic and efficient interface that assists and manages you in your A/R activities. All information and functionality remains completely within NetSuite for both standard and custom reporting.
Elim Solutions Physical Inventory Management & Cycle Counting Solution
Provider Name: Elim Solutions Inc
Elim Solutions' physical inventory management solution is extensively customizable and fully automated, it understands that your business needs are as unique as your business itself.
epaCUBE Profit Optimizer
Provider Name: epaCUBE
epaCUBE Profit Optimizer® quickly and easily identifies new opportunities for gross profit improvement for distribution companies. We’ve taken years of experience across our many customers to create the leading profit optimization solution in the distribution industry including predictive analytics for price optimization, identifying new sales opportunities and more.
ERP fast forward Bank Reconciliation
Provider Name: ERP fast forward
ERP fast forward Bank Reconciliation allows you to import your bank statements in NetSuite, automatically match open transactions, and create payments for those transactions.
ERP fast forward Credit Card Statement Import
Provider Name: ERP fast forward
ERP fast forward Credit Card Import allows you to import a credit card statement and process it from one page. Set auto-process rules to automatically process lines. Entry and reconciliation of the credit card statement is done in minutes.
ERP fast forward DPD Shipping Integration
Provider Name: ERP fast forward
With DPD Shipping Integration, item fulfillments are sent to DPD ( automatically, and a shipping label and track & trace number are returned to NetSuite.
eWAY Payment Gateway Integration with NetSuite
Provider Name: eWAY
eWAY payment gateway is fully integrated into NetSuite. eWAY provides payment services for businesses in Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia. Once setup you are ready to accept orders, receive customer invoice payments and much more.
Exactor Sales Tax Solution
Provider Name: Exactor, Inc
The Exactor Sales, Use, and VAT tax solution, is a highly accurate, state certified, SuiteApp, integrated into NetSuite Core; OneWorld; SiteBuilder and CommerceAdvanced platforms, ensuring that sales tax is accurately calculated and returns are filed in the U.S. and worldwide
Expensify: Receipt and Expense Management for NetSuite
Provider Name: Expensify
Simply put, Expensify makes expense reports that don’t suck. With an automatic, two-way Built for NetSuite integration, it’s easy to export expense data to NetSuite and import expense categories, departments, locations, classes, customers, employees, vendors, and custom segments from NetSuite into Expensify. With customizable mapping of NetSuite fields, Expensify configures accounting and approval workflows in just a few, simple clicks. Designed with both the end-user and the accountant in mind, Expensify is the only expense management partner of and is the leading expense management solution for NetSuite clients.
Experlogix CPQ for NetSuite
Provider Name: Experlogix
Experlogix CPQ for NetSuite empowers your sales team to quickly customize complex quotes and orders with 100 percent accuracy, leading to dramatic gains in revenue and profitability. With unique capabilities such as guided selling, rapid line-item creation and automated bill-of-material and routing generation, Experlogix gives you the configuration, pricing, and quoting tools you need to maximize your quote-to-order and manufacturing performance.
Provider Name: The SGC Group
FarApp eCommerce Automation - Extend NetSuite's reach to your eCommerce storefronts with automated processing of orders, fulfillments, product-catalog, and inventory data. FarApp lets you control your storefront data and transactions from within NetSuite.
Fastpath Assure
Provider Name: Fastpath
Fastpath Assure is a cloud based GRC platform designed for NetSuite. With an implementation time of 2 hours, Assure makes it easy to understand who has access to NetSuite and where the segregation of duties risks are in that access. Fastpath Assure helps simplify Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) compliance for public or Pre IPO NetSuite users. Assure also features Audit Trail/System Notes reporting, as well as Identity Management.
FHL CreditSafe Integration
Provider Name: FHL
CreditSafe is a leading supplier of credit and business information. The FHL CreditSafe for NetSuite bundle allows NetSuite users to leverage the CreditSafe database seamlessly into their NetSuite account.
FHL Google Certified Shops for SCA
Provider Name: FHL
FHL Google Certified Shops for SCA solution enables Google Certified Shops functionality in SuiteCommerce Advanced webstore.
FHL kPF Integration
Provider Name: FHL
Kodit PaperFlex is a cloud based label designer to design professional and high quality labels that are Unique Device Identification (UDI) compliant. FHL kPF Integration allows users to design labels, directly from NetSuite, and associate and produce labels for Assembly/Bill of Materials, Inventory Items and Work Orders. Configure field mapping to allow labels to source variable values from the associated NetSuite record.
FHL LeaveApp
Provider Name: FHL
FHL LeaveApp provides businesses with the appropriate functionality to allow employees to record and manage absences.
Provider Name: FHL
The FHL RFM Score bundle provides businesses with the appropriate functionality to automate the calculation of Customer's Recency, Frequency and Monetary scores, combined to form the Customers RFM Score.
FHL Scurri Integration
Provider Name: FHL
FHL Scurri Integration provides functionality to synchronise data between NetSuite and Scurri.
FieldAware Field Service for NetSuite
Provider Name: FieldAware
FieldAware is a made for mobile, cloud-based field service management solution. FieldAware augments and extends the power of NetSuite to field service personnel using iOS or Android smartphones and tablets. The solution enhances NetSuite ERP and CRM capabilities by adding scheduling and dispatch, electronic signature capture, photo and video capture and other features designed with field personnel in mind.
Provider Name: Fiix
Fiix CMMS is a cloud based asset management and maintenance software.
Five9 Cloud Contact Center Software
Provider Name: Five9, Inc.
The Five9 Virtual Call Center Suite is an on-demand call center software that provides cost savings, increased revenues, and customer loyalty benefits to any department within a company using NetSuite.
FloQast - Closing Software
Provider Name: FloQast
FloQast's closing software integrates with NetSuite and helps your accounting team collaborate, connect and close the books faster.
Fluxx Grants Management Sync
Provider Name: Fluxx
A collaborative work platform, connecting everyone in your organization to the data that runs your business.
Folio3 eBay Connector
Provider Name: Folio3
The Folio3 eBay Connector for NetSutie is an Integration-as-a-Service product that provides fully automated, seamless integration between eBay merchant accounts and the NetSuite ERP.
Folio3 eBay Motors Connector
Provider Name: Folio3
The Folio3 eBay Motors Connector for NetSuite is designed and developed specifically for eBay Motors and provides seamless integration between eBay Motors web-stores and NetSuite. The Connector offers fully automated NetSuite-eBay Motors integration - automatically syncing all sales order, customer and shipping data between eBay Motors merchant accounts and NetSuite, saving valuable time & effort and empowering merchants to concentrate on their core business activities.
Folio3 Magento Connector for NetSuite
Provider Name: Folio3
Folio3's Magento Connector for NetSuite is an out of the box, Integration as a Service (IaaS) solution that provides fully automated, real time integration between NetSuite and Magento web stores. It is an automated solution that streamlines transactions, reduces order turnaround time and eliminates manual data entry and associated data entry errors.
Folio3 Salesforce Connector for NetSuite
Provider Name: Folio3
Folio3’s proprietary Salesforce Integration Connector provides fully automated, real time, two way integration between NetSuite and Salesforce. The result is an integrated solution that not only eliminates manual data entry but also provides sales and finance personnel with real time visibility and access to their back office, enabling them to close sales and pursue opportunities more quickly and effectively.
Folio3 WooCommerce Connector for Netsuite
Provider Name: Folio3
Folio3's WooCommerce Connector for NetSuite is an out of the box, Integration as a Service (IaaS) solution that provides fully automated, real time integration between NetSuite and WooCommerce web stores. It is an automated solution that streamlines transactions, reduces order turnaround time and eliminates manual data entry and associated data entry errors.
FREE = Freightgate For NetSuite
Provider Name: Freightgate, Inc.
FreightGate is providing FREE INSTANT ACCESS to worldwide carrier flight schedules, FCL/LCL sailing schedules, and as a bonus, access to the US denied person database for NetSuite customers. Normally costing thousands of dollars, a great integrated solution for NetSuite customers in Retail, Manufacturing, and WD or customers that have a build-to-order business model. Every shipper needs access to freight scheduling/compliance during the order commit process and when processing a sales order. Join Freightgate’s adaptable, hyper connected Logistics Cloud TMS Platform Today!
FreedomPay Commerce Platform Integration for NetSuite
Provider Name: FreedomPay
The FreedomPay Commerce Platform simplifies credit card transaction processing for NetSuite ERP (including SuiteCommerce and SuiteCommerce InStore) and NetSuite POS users by providing a secure payment gateway that is seamlessly integrated with all the major North American payment processors. As part of the SuitePayments program, the FreedomPay platform enables for card-not present and card present transaction processing from Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover while providing PCI-validated point-to-point encryption. FreedomPay's Commerce Platform is Level 1 certified by the PCI Security Standards Council ensuring cardholder data is fully protected and secure.
FreightGate Universe for NetSuite
Provider Name: Freightgate, Inc.
Freightgate opens the door to the Freightgate Universe with a simple click of a button. Leveraging NetSuite's Single Sign On, you gain instant access to Flight Schedules, Sailing Schedules, Compliance Tools (Denied Person Screening), access the most powerful dynamic routing tool available anywhere to perform cross-modal transportation analysis, carbon footprint calculations and book with ease directly with Freightgate's partner carriers.
Fronde AssetOne
Provider Name: Fronde
Having all your financial information, including assets, in one place allows you to monitor their use and performance. In today's economic climate getting the most from your existing assets is essential to survive and thrive. Fronde AssetOne allows you to do this in NetSuite within minutes of uploading the application into your NetSuite account.
Fronde BankingOne
Provider Name: Fronde
Fronde BankingOne provides an online solution towards handling supplier payments and customer refunds from an integrated system in the business cloud. One streamlined payment process means no re-keying of data across multiple records and platforms. The Fronde BankingOne suite bundle resides in NetSuite and operates on Supplier Bills, Bill Payments and Customer Refund transaction records. It will also create Bill Payment records for supplier bills without any relating payment records. It pays the bills and refunds via creating an aba/asb file to be uploaded to the relevant bank of your choice.
Fronde FreightOne
Provider Name: Fronde
FreightOne provides an online service so you can estimate, pack and fulfill customer deliveries from one integrated system in the business cloud. Work completely in NetSuite to print labels and fulfill customer deliveries.
Fronde LogisticsOne FTP
Provider Name: Fronde
Fronde LogisticsOne FTP enables NetSuite accounts to integrate with FTP/SFTP Servers. This SuiteApp gives the ability for a NetSuite account to fetch and store files from and to an FTP/SFTP Server's remote file system and from/to NetSuite file cabinets. However this bundle doesn't attempt to process the files transferred.
Gappify Accrual Solution
Provider Name: Gappify, Inc.
Gappify is an accrual solution that helps accountants collect, process, and record accrual information from vendors, budget managers, and employees.
GeoPal Mobile Field Operations for NetSuite
Provider Name: GeoPal
GeoPal is a customizable mobile workforce management application that connects NetSuite with your field workers, remote assets and internet of things sensors. The solution is used by Field Operations companies for flexible mobile data capture, including: field worker utilization levels, time and materials capture, proof of service delivery, quotation scoping and estimating, asset surveys and safety audits. GeoPal is available for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.
Grant Thornton Advanced Risk Manager for NetSuite
Provider Name: Grant Thornton
Manage Risks right within your NetSuite account. Risk Management is brought to the forefront via a dashboard display of Risks, Treatments, Controls. Throw away those quarterly spreadsheets, manage risk daily through the GT AdvancedRisk Manager for NetSuite.
Grant Thornton Compliance Manager for NetSuite
Provider Name: Grant Thornton
Manage all of your compliance obligations directly within NetSuite. The Compliance Manager allows you to control all of the corporate compliance activities across multiple compliance areas, across multiple staff.
Grant Thornton Entity Connections for NetSuite
Provider Name: Grant Thornton
Take control of your connections, network among your customers, employees, contacts, etc. within NetSuite. The Grant Thornton Entity Connections allows you to create connections between your different entities and show a visualisation of the connections network per entity at different degrees of separation.
Grant Thornton Risk Manager for NetSuite
Provider Name: Grant Thornton
Manage Corporate and Project Risk right within your NetSuite application. Risk Management is brought to the forefront via a dashboard display of Risks, Mitigating Actions and Tasks. Throw away those quarterly spreadsheets, manage risk daily through the Risk Manager for NetSuite.
GURUS Solutions Distribution Toolkit for NetSuite
Provider Name: GURUS Solutions
GURUS Solutions' Distribution Toolkit for NetSuite provides a robust system specifically tailored to your warehouse and distribution needs, from enhanced inventory reports and dashboards to purchase rate matching.
GURUS Solutions Google Charts for NetSuite
Provider Name: GURUS Solutions
GURUS Solutions' Google Charts for NetSuite capitalizes on Google Charts' API to render data from saved searches. Quickly and easily create beautiful, ready to use charts!
Halosys - Mobile & Web API Platform for NetSuite
Provider Name: Halosys Technologies
Halosys is a mobile and web API platform for NetSuite. Along with a pre-built NetSuite connector, you can also connect to any other data sources and leverage a rich tool set to build & manage integrated mobile & web applications.
Provider Name: Handshake
Handshake is a mobile-first B2B Commerce solution that enables both sales reps and customers to write orders fast using an intuitive mobile app that gives them access to critical NetSuite business information. Prepare better for customer appointments with order history on-hand, present a beautiful product catalog with inventory and customer-specific pricing, capture orders quickly and immediately submit to your customer service team for fulfillment. Handshake Rep is a mobile sales order entry app that allows sales reps to write orders faster and gives them the product and customer information they need to have more strategic customer conversations. Handshake Direct is an omnichannel B2B eCommerce solution that complements field sales reps by giving buyers the convenience of 24x7 ordering and product education through a custom B2B eCommerce portal and B2B mobile commerce app.
HighJump Warehouse Edge
Provider Name: HighJump
Built exclusively for small-to-midsized business, HighJump Warehouse Edge Warehouse Management System (WMS) serves as a hub for all your supply chain needs. Providing rich, out-of-box functionality to satisfy your diverse operational requirements when you need them. HighJump Warehouse Edge seamlessly integrates with NetSuite for fast and easy deployment and decreased implementation time to value. HighJump Warehouse Edge delivers a powerful, scalable and flexible real-time WMS to streamline your business processes and help you achieve increased accuracy, throughput and visibility into warehouse operations.
HighJump Warehouse Management in the Cloud for NetSuite
Provider Name: HighJump
HighJump has developed a powerful set of supply chain execution solutions designed specifically for NetSuite Cloud ERP users to bring your distribution and warehouse operations in-line with your core back office processes. The HighJump Supply Chain Advantage suite of products optimizes work direction at an operational level to dramatically increase efficiency and drive down costs—empowering operational excellence, on-time customer orders and, ultimately, customer satisfaction. Optimizing your distribution operations requires you to effectively manage all of these important resources. HighJump Warehouse Management in the Cloud for NetSuite provides a foundation of best practices for receiving, put-away/flow-through, inventory management, order processing, replenishment, pick/pack, loading and shipping. HighJump WMS in the cloud also enables companies to build their own industry-leading businesses processes using our business process configuration tools.
Hitpoint China Finance App for NetSuite
Provider Name: Hitpoint Solution
Hitpoint China Finance App helps you overcome the differences between US GAAP/ IFRS and PRC GAAP, produce all statutory outputs from NetSuite, and apply Approval Certificate from the China local finance bureau. Without a change in your global NetSuite setting, various Chinese statutory reports, vouchers and accounting books meet needs of taxation, auditing and internal management can be produced.
Hitpoint China Tax App
Provider Name: Hitpoint Solution
Hitpoint China Tax SuiteApp adopts B/S architecture and is applicable to enterprises with needs for centralized invoice management by Financial Share Service Center and enterprises with complicated invoice requirements; in addition, it supports collaboration between multiple companies, stores, departments and posts.
Host Analytics Cloud EPM Platform
Provider Name: Host Analytics, Inc.
Host Analytics is a recognized leader in cloud-based Enterprise Performance Management. Hundreds of companies have chosen Host Analytics Cloud EPM Platform to take their Modeling, Planning and Consolidations to the next level. Our scalable, unified, cloud-based solution is a great complement to NetSuite ERP, with the ability to integrate and consolidate data from NetSuite and other sources and provide actionable insights to Finance and line of business managers.
i-Seaports Management ERP
Provider Name: Harbour Mastery Inc.
i-Seaports Management ERP provides seaports, port authorities and marinas with a fully customizable seaport management system. It provides users with personalized dashboards for all of the critical operations tasks - pilotage, towage, berthage, stevedoring, repair, line on/off and others. This flows through seamlessly to the financial processes for all billing, collections, accounting, fiscal analysis, statistical analysis and reporting, streamlining revenue generation and collection for seaport profitability.
I.T. Rationale AutoPay for NetSuite
Provider Name: IT Rationale Inc.
AutoPay provides a means to automatically pay customer Invoices when manually created or generated (as in the case of recurring billing) or automatically pay Invoices on a scheduled basis using the Default Credit Card on file.
I.T. Rationale Enterprise Container Management for NetSuite
Provider Name: IT Rationale Inc.
Enterprise Container Management provides a means for the distributor to manage inbound Purchase Orders, aggregated together at a Container level and calculate the associated Landed Costs per shipment.
iCA - eExpense Payables
Provider Name: iCloudAuthority Corp
Electronic Expense Payment Module iCloudAuthority - eExpense Payables lets you pay all your Employees Electronically using the iCloudAuthority/Wells Fargo Payment Manager Bundle inside NetSuite. Transmissions Supported include Checks, AP Control/Credit Card, Domestic and International ACH, and Domestic and International Wires. No Transaction Fees; Pay Expense Reports in 30 seconds flat!
iCA - ePayables (Electronic Payment Module)
Provider Name: iCloudAuthority Inc.
Electronic Vendor Payment Module. Pay all Vendors in 30 Seconds flat with iCloudAuthority ePayables. Using NetSuite, pay all your Vendors Electronically using the iCloudAuthority/Wells Fargo Payment Manager Bundle. Transmissions Supported include Checks, AP Control/Credit Card, Domestic and International ACH, and Domestic and International Wires.
iCA - SFTP eConnector
Provider Name: iCloudAuthority Corp
Move files directly from NetSuite to a 3rd party server using the iCA - SFTP Connector. Schedule files to be uploaded and downloaded without the use of middleware. Save thousands by using our solution versus big box integrations.
iCharts for NetSuite Business Intelligence and Analytics
Provider Name: iCharts
iCharts is a leading Business Intelligence and Analytics solution for NetSuite. Transform your NetSuite data into interactive, real-time analytics without leaving your NetSuite dashboard. Complete with drag-and-drop chart creation and best-practice templates, iCharts accelerates your organization’s analytics strategy by empowering your team with the critical data-driven tools they need.
Infinet Cloud Journal Generator
Provider Name: Infinet Cloud Solutions Pty Ltd
Infinet Cloud Journal Generator streamlines and significantly reduces the time and effort required to do your end-of-period accounting adjustments. Automate the creation of Journal Entries - do Provisions, Revenue Recognition, Inter/Intra Company Allocations, Time/Percentage based Cost Allocations, and other Month-end or Period-end Accruals. Multiple annual licensing options available. Built and supported by the people behind Infinet Cloud Payroll - one of the highest and most often rated SuiteApps.
Infinet Cloud Payroll
Provider Name: Infinet Cloud Solutions Pty Ltd
Infinet Cloud Payroll & Electronic Leave Management is a highly featured cloud based application wholly built on the NetSuite SuiteCloud Platform. A fully featured, native application developed and compliant for use in Australia, New Zealand & the United Kingdom. Over 450 customers are using Infinet Cloud and taking full advantage of the NetSuite platform. Licensed annually on a "per employee paid in a month" basis & fully supported by a global workforce, Infinet Cloud Payroll is one of the highest and most often rated SuiteApps on
Provider Name: Infinity Software Solutions, Inc.
InfinityHR is a secure, web-based HR Management System with complete HR and Payroll functionality. Our product offering includes modules of benefits management, workflow management, employee and manager self-service, payroll, applicant tracking, performance management, and time and labor management. Our integration with NetSuite ERP allows clients to take advantage of the full suite of InfinityHR functionality while syncing employee data in real time to the NetSuite ERP application.
Informatica Cloud NetSuite Connector
Provider Name: Informatica LLC
Informatica Cloud enables you to easily connect your NetSuite platform to any cloud or on-premise application. You can unify your cloud data with your enterprise data and ensure maximum value from your SaaS investments without any hassle.
InfoTrax DataTrax for NetSuite
Provider Name: InfoTrax Systems
InfoTrax has years of experience delivering software for the unique requirements of the direct selling industry. At the heart of our integrated solutions is the technology for which we’re known—direct-selling-specific functionality. This includes core components of our award-winning DataTrax software and the ability to integrate with our mobile distributor tool, Evo.
InsideView Sales for NetSuite
Provider Name: InsideView Technologies, Inc
Increase win rates and sales productivity with InsideView, the first social sales intelligence application delivered natively inside NetSuite CRM. InsideView brings insider intelligence about companies and people right into your CRM so you can uncover company intelligence, rich decision-maker profiles, breaking news, and relevant social media insights.
Insperity ExpensAble
Provider Name: Insperity
With ExpensAble for NetSuite you gain an automated expense tracking system that provides deep visibility into the expenses that affect your bottom line. With its mobile app, payment tools, and travel booking options, ExpensAble provides a system dedicated to the success of your whole business.
Insperity TimeStar
Provider Name: Insperity
Insperity TimeStar for NetSuite helps your business collect, analyze and take immediate control of your attendance and labor data online. Eliminate manual processes. Create, manage and respond electronically to requests, approvals and alerts to increase timekeeping accuracy, compliance and efficiency with bi-directional data capabilities to NetSuite.
Inspirria Indian Taxation Bundle
Provider Name: Inspirria Cloudtech Pvt Ltd
Inspirria Indian Taxation (IIT) Bundle is an Indian Taxation module for NetSuite, which caters to Indian Taxation Statutory Reporting. IIT automates VAT, TDS and Service Tax for Indian Wholesale and Distribution Industry.
Inspirria Online Leave Management
Provider Name: Inspirria Cloudtech Pvt Ltd
Inspirria Online Leave Management module for NetSuite helps to automate the entire Leave Process within NetSuite. It manages the complete Leave Record online and reduces paper work. All the leave applications and approvals can be managed online. It is backed by knowledgeable support staff who works for clients' specific requirements. Having offices already in India , UK, US, Canada, and Middle East. Inspirria seeks to set the standard for Multinational Leave Management focusing on India and UAE.
Inspirria PayEdge for NetSuite
Provider Name: Inspirria Cloudtech Pvt Ltd
PayEdge module for NetSuite helps to automate and ease the Payroll Life-cycle which is a time saving and cost effective solution. It is backed by knowledgeable support staff who works for clients specific requirement. Having offices in India, UK, US, Canada and Middle East, Inspirria seeks to set the standards for multinational Payroll Management focusing on India, Dubai and Iraq which is built on NetSuite. PayEdge helps you to ease the statutory compliance by providing the necessary reports as per the local jurisdictions.
Inspirria ServiceEdge for NetSuite
Provider Name: Inspirria Cloudtech Private Limited
Inspirria ServiceEdge for NetSuite for NetSuite enables clients attaining high customer satisfaction level by offering 360 degree controls and visibility to their service and Maintenance operations. It tracks data of customer’s equipments and auto generates Contracts and Installation/Delivery and Preventive Maintenance Jobs to provide complete visibility over service contracts.
Intellisuggest Search & Navigation for NetSuite
Provider Name: SearchSpring
We provide e-commerce search and category navigation that gets smarter the more your customers shop! SearchSpring® has been designed to meet the needs of e-commerce websites by efficiently indexing and optimizing your structured data. We analyze your shoppers behavior and deliver tailored, meaningful product results, all in real-time powered by Intellisuggest®
Intuiflow Replenishment+ for NetSuite
Provider Name: Intuiflow LLC
Replenishment+ is a demand driven materials planning tool that optimizes your inventory investment within NetSuite. Replenishment+ will highlight your inventory situation in a way that enables you to act on the right parts, right now.
Intuiflow Replenishment+ for NetSuite
Provider Name: Intuiflow LLC
Replenishment+ is a demand driven materials planning tool that optimizes your inventory investment within NetSuite. Replenishment+ will highlight your inventory situation in a way that enables you to act on the right parts, right now.
iQ Configure Price Quote
Provider Name: Luxent
iQ Configure Price Quote (CPQ) makes estimating, quote creation, and proposal generation fast, easy, and accurate. Built to handle complex and configured quoting needs, iQ's intuitive user interface gives users a better way to deliver compelling quotes to customers.
IQS Enterprise Quality Management and Compliance Software
Provider Name: IQS, Inc. a medgate company
Proactivity is vital to improving quality. With real-time visibility into quality and compliance, at every step and across all stakeholders, an organization tips the balance from reactive to proactive. IQS enterprise quality management software acts as your intelligence gateway into global performance, delivering objectively and truthfully, the who, what, where, when and why of all things quality. Reporting and analytics are built into the IQS solution. On-the-fly data visualization and deep analysis of multiple measures, across different processes for all levels of the enterprise is included. IQS provides robust integration capabilities to enable the seamless and automatic transfer of important data from NetSuite into the IQS EQMS allowing for best-in-class analytics and reporting.
Italian Accounting Localisation Bundle for NetSuite
Provider Name: Clustin Srl
Designed from the out set to meet the requirements of an ever-changing accounting system, the Italian Accounting Localisation (IAL) bundle not only resolves mandatory obligations but also helps the accounting team with everyday business operations. OneWorld customer? Perfect! HQ will thank you for ensuring your Italian company meets local requirements while at the same time respecting the Group’s standards.
iTPM: Integrated Trade Promotion Management by CG Squared
Provider Name: CG Squared, Inc.
Extend NetSuite with iTPM closed-loop trade promotion management for Consumer Goods companies. iTPM includes promotion and deal planning, budgeting, payment by check, short-pay / deduction resolution, and post-promotion analysis. iTPM can help CPG stakeholders improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their trade promotion allowances and discounts.
Jitterbit Cloud Integration for NetSuite
Provider Name: Jitterbit
The Jitterbit Harmony cloud integration platform allows NetSuite customers to connect their Cloud ERP to any On-Premise, Cloud, Social/Mobile or Internet of Things data and apps. With a 100% graphical "No-Coding" approach configuring and managing digital connectivity between your digital assets can be accomplished in less than 10 days.
jLAN Mobile Direct Store Delivery
Provider Name: jLAN Technologies, Inc.
Direct Store Delivery and Route Sales solution designed for NetSuite. jLan Mobile Direct Store Delivery equips your route sales team with the mobile technology needed to properly service your accounts while in the field.
Provider Name: Jobvite
Jobvite for NetSuite HCM is a unified recruiting solution that provides users with the combined advantages of Jobvite’s leading applications and services with the power of NetSuite's comprehensive HCM to achieve complete, long-term talent management success. These products and services help HR teams navigate the entire sourcing, hiring, and human capital management processes in an end-to-end approach that exceeds the scope of many narrow-focused recruiting and HCM systems.
Kyriba - #1 SaaS Cash and Risk Management Solutions
Provider Name: Kyriba
Kyriba is a global leader in next generation treasury solutions in the cloud. Kyriba’s solution enables CFOs and finance teams to optimize their corporate treasury functions by delivering fully integrated cash, treasury, payment, risk management and supply chain finance solutions.
LatamReady Latin America Localizations SuiteApp
Provider Name: LatamReady
LatamReady SuiteApp provides One Key to Open +10 Latin American countries. LatamReady supports tax and localizations requirements to Open LatAm via NetSuite.
Mavenlink Collaborative Project & Resource Management
Provider Name: Mavenlink, Inc.
With Mavenlink to NetSuite Integration SuiteApp, you can seamlessly link NetSuite’s best-in-class ERP with Mavenlink. Mavenlink’s comprehensive project management, collaboration, and resource planning solution unifies project delivery from kickoff to cash collection. This integration connects Mavenlink and NetSuite to automate project creation, send time and expense data and eliminate the need for double entry.
Provider Name: Folio3
MeetingMogul is a one touch conference call dialing and smart calendar app for NetSuite that takes the hassle out of conducting meetings on the go, by giving you One Touch Access To Everything - like dialing into conference calls scheduled in your NetSuite or other calendar(s), managing your day’s agenda, alerting meeting participants, taking notes, updating your CRM and more! No more fumbling with your smartphone on the go! MeetingMogul works with all conference call providers including WebEx, Skype for Business, GoToMeeting, Join.Me and validates each dial-in number before your call to ensure seamless connectivity.
Merchant e-Solutions SuitePayments
Provider Name: Merchant e-Solutions
Simplify Payment Processing: With an all-in-one merchant account and payment gateway from Merchant eSolutions (MeS).
MercuryGate TMS
Provider Name: MercuryGate International Inc.
MercuryGate TMS is an advanced solution that supports all modes of transportation with a single platform, with parcel capability built into planning and execution functions. This technology allows users to easily manage complex moves, with complete visibility on every leg of the shipment cycle. With MercuryGate's Mojo transportation optimization feature, users can consolidate loads across modes and simultaneously optimize use of a private fleet and for hire carriers. MercuryGate TMS also provides users with access to an extensive range of options to find capacity. Users can take advantage of MercuryProcure, a freight sourcing solution, and MercuryFleet, a system that supports the management of drivers, equipment and operations from a single platform.
MessageMedia Text Messaging
Provider Name: MessageMedia
MessageMedia provides an easy-to-use text messaging service which is directly integrated into NetSuite. Our solution allows businesses and organizations to get connected, grow revenue, and cut costs.
MetaViewer Paperless ERP
Provider Name: Metafile Information Systems, Inc.
MetaViewer document management solution offers paperless capture of and access to invoices, purchase orders, and other documents. It supports organizations’ AP and AR departments by automating workflow, and boosting transparency and accountability, which leads to reduced costs, improved customer service, and increased vendor satisfaction. Paper and electronic invoice capture, web-based workflow, real-time visibility two- and three-way matching, and full ERP integration make MetaViewer a complete AP automation solution.
MineralTree AP Automation for NetSuite
Provider Name: MineralTree
Automate all integral parts of the AP process including invoice capture, purchase order match, invoice approval, payment approval, and payment execution. You can set up MineralTree in a matter of hours. Connects NetSuite with your business bank account to execute vendor payments without changing your accounting process.
Minisoft eFORMz for NetSuite
Provider Name: Minisoft, Inc.
Minisoft eFORMz for NetSuite is a forms and label generation solution for formatting and personalizing application output.
MuleSoft's NetSuite Connector
Provider Name: MuleSoft
MuleSoft provides a quick and easy packaged connectivity to NetSuite, providing everything you need to fulfill common use cases with a single connector (SuiteTalk v2016.2 and RESTlet).
Provider Name: Namely
Namely is an end-to-end HR, payroll, and benefits platform built for today's workplace. It's software your employees will love to use, plus personal service from real people for your most pressing HR needs. With our NetSuite integration, you gain the ability to sync user data, automatically create NetSuite accounts, and manage HR and financial operations together. Namely is used by over 300 clients with 50,000 employees in more than 20 countries globally.
NetCloud DocuScan for NetSuite
Provider Name: NetCloud LTD
Have a Paperless office and organize all your documents digitally. Scan your documents in an easy and very quick manner straight into your NetSuite account. Attach the scanned documents automatically to the relevant transactions\records and create a digital archive and never lose documents again.
NetScore - Amazon Connector
Provider Name: NetScore Technologies
The NetScore - Amazon connector is customized to customer needs to ensure in achieving your business goals whilst using the cost effective, hassle free, stable, highly efficient and secure connector service. This connector is the perfect way of connecting the Amazon Seller Central to NetSuite in some easy steps. Since Amazon is among the biggest selling e-commerce portals in the whole world, with an online marketplace of the Amazon Seller Central, you can easily offer products together with a vast inventory and import orders from Amazon to NetSuite. With NetScore Amazon - NetSuite Connector, sellers can focus on increasing sales and managing orders without needing to manually sync Amazon Seller Central and NetSuite accounts. Our Connector supports all major Amazon domains (US, CA, UK, FR, IT, ES, DE, JP, CN)
NetScore - eBay Connector
Provider Name: NetScore Technologies
The NetSuite - eBay Connector was created according to customer needs to ensure they achieve their business goals whilst using the cost-effective, hassle free, stable, highly efficient and secure connector service. This solution is a simple and easy way to connect eBay Seller Central to NetSuite. Since eBay is among the biggest e-commerce portals in the world―with an online marketplace, the eBay Seller Central― you can easily offer products with a vast inventory and import orders from eBay to NetSuite. With NetScore eBay - NetSuite Connector, sellers can focus on increasing sales and managing orders without needing to manually sync eBay Seller Central and NetSuite accounts.
NetScore - Jet Connector
Provider Name: NetScore Technologies
The NetScore - Jet Connector is customized to customer needs to ensure in achieving your business goals whilst using the cost effective, hassle free, stable, highly efficient and secure connector service. This connector is the perfect way of connecting the Jet marketplace to NetSuite in some easy steps. Since Jet marketplace is among the biggest selling e-commerce portals, you can easily offer products together with a vast inventory and import orders from Jet to NetSuite.
NetScore GridApp for NetSuite
Provider Name: NetScore Technologies
NetScore-Grid Order Entry SuiteApp allows users to select matrix type of items and enter the quantities more quickly and easily without having to enter each item separately on the transaction.
NetScore Loyalty Rewards
Provider Name: NetScore Technologies
NetScore Loyalty Rewards for NetSuite helps you engage customers by offering them loyalty points and create a loyal customer base. This application rewards your customers on the website as well as in Suite Commerce In store so that you can build better relationships and increase the customer’s lifetime value to your business. It also drives brand awareness, thereby reducing your cost of advertising, while helping you to increase your sales.
NetScore Pick Slip Manager App
Provider Name: NetScore Technologies
NetScore Pick Slip Manager SuiteApp enhances fulfillment process by providing warehouse pick slip management functionality. The solution facilitates easy print, reprint, void pick slip, and also send email functionality.
Provider Name: NETSTOCK Holdings
Make better inventory decisions with NETSTOCK's intuitive, cloud-based, inventory management software.
Neuron ESB Connector for NetSuite
Provider Name: Neudesic, LLC
Quickly integrate NetSuite into your business processes with the Neuron ESB Connector for NetSuite. The NetSuite Connector provides connectivity to all of the NetSuite features. Neuron ESB’s NetSuite Connector delivers a solution for all your integration and business process management requirements.
Neuron ESB Microsoft Project Connector for NetSuite
Provider Name: Neudesic, LLC
The Neuron ESB NetSuite to Microsoft Project Connector SuiteApp provides a single, unified system designed to elevate timely project delivery and increase services visibility.
NExIL Extended Italian Localization for NetSuite
Provider Name: Air Reply and Extra
"NExIL Extended Italian Localization for NetSuite" is a SuiteApp that allows businesses using NetSuite to comply with the Italian law and accountancy needs by delivering flexible and performant functionalities such as multiple protocol numbering, journal reports, VAT registers, VAT settlement, reverse charge handling and income based system management.
Nexonia Accounts Payable for NetSuite
Provider Name: Nexonia Inc.
Manage your payments with flexible approval workflows and a vendor portal for invoices and other documentation.
Nexonia Expense Reports for NetSuite
Provider Name: Nexonia Inc.
Expense Report web and mobile management solution with unlimited features and smooth NetSuite two-way integration. Among other features, the application allows to transfer credit card transactions and receipts into your NetSuite account, deals with multiple currencies and supports OneWorld function.
Nexonia Purchase Orders for NetSuite
Provider Name: Nexonia Inc.
Integrated corporate purchase order system that supports unlimited levels of approval in an easy-to-use system.
Nexonia Timesheets for NetSuite
Provider Name: Nexonia Inc.
Nexonia Timesheets is an easy-to-use web and mobile employee time tracking solution, seamlessly integrated with NetSuite, supporting your corporate policies and approval processes.
NextService, Built for NetSuite
Provider Name: NextService, Built for NetSuite
NextService: Field Service Management native to NetSuite Built on the NetSuite SuiteCloud platform, users have one system that incorporates Field Service into their entire business. Enhances operational efficiencies and end-to-end business transparency with powerful real-time insights, giving your Field Service business a competitive edge. Features of NextService: - Visual Scheduler for easy service management. Assign a person or a crew, for one or many days. - Accessible anytime, anywhere with our mobile solution - Streamline and automate your workflow - Complete Inventory accountability from start to finish
Nolan Advanced Bank Reconciliation for NetSuite
Provider Name: Nolan Business Solutions
Advanced Bank Reconciliation (ABR) reduces the bank reconciliation process from hours to minutes in a few quick steps. Auto-post your credit card bills on statement import.
Nolan eInteract Electronic Supply Chain for NetSuite
Provider Name: Nolan Business Solutions
The ability to keep down the cost per transaction whilst dealing with the fast pace of direct sales is crucial to the profitability of an IT reseller. Nolan’s integration of NetSuite with interconnects distributors and resellers. This makes all the transactions between the reseller and distributors automatic and electronic. It enables IT resellers to manage the quote to delivery process in real-time, with the absolute minimum of data entry, gaining a real competitive advantage. This product is not available in the USA and Canada.
Nolan Electronic Payments (EFT) for NetSuite
Provider Name: Nolan Business Solutions
Electronic Payments (EFT) enables payment of vendors and employee expenses electronically.
NOVAtime Workforce Management
Provider Name: NOVAtime Technology, Inc.
The NOVAtime application enhances NetSuite with robust workforce management capabilities, including employee time and attendance tracking, leave management, accrual calculations, scheduling, expense reporting, and more. The system supports complex pay rules and company policies, while offering unmatched accuracy and efficiency of data calculation and processing. Through automated routine tasks and streamlined processes, NOVAtime consolidates employee data, reduces administrative costs, and increases employee productivity--providing you with the ultimate workforce management solution. NOVAtime earned the "Built for NetSuite" badge after demonstrating compliance with NetSuite's documented practices for architecture, development, privacy, and security.
NuORDER B2B Wholesale eCommerce App
Provider Name: NuORDER
The NuORDER B2B Wholesale eCommerce App for NetSuite allows brand reps and buyers to browse products and submit orders using the NuORDER web application or iOS app. This app syncs Product, Inventory, Company, Contact and Order information between NetSuite and NuORDER so all orders placed in NuORDER appear in NetSuite. NuORDER also works with barcode scanners and in offline mode so that reps can use the app at trade shows or on the road and then sync their data when they are back online.
Nvoicepay SuiteApp for NetSuite
Provider Name: Nvoicepay
Pay 100% of your AP bills electronically. Simple. Efficient. Guaranteed.
OANDA FX Data Feed for NetSuite
Provider Name: OANDA
OANDA FX Data Feed for NetSuite works seamlessly with all existing NetSuite functions utilizing FX rates and replaces the default rates provided by NetSuite, with professional-grade OANDA rates. Our solution provides daily rates (Ask/Bid/Midpoint) for over 38,000 currency pairs and up to 5 years of historical data. With over 20 years of experience in foreign exchange, OANDA is the gold standard in FX rate data, and is trusted by audit firms, tax authorities and thousands of companies around the world.
Obero SPM - Incentive Compensation Management
Provider Name: Obero Technologies Inc.
Being fully integrated with NetSuite, Obero SPM bridges the gap between financial management and sales performance management. Obero SPM Incentive Compensation Management (ICM) for NetSuite provides organizations with a flexible and easy-to-use solution to design, manage and optimize their sales commission programs.
Okapi Cloud Platform for Business KPIs
Provider Name: Okapi
Okapi provides recommended Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Target Benchmarks fully embedded in NetSuite. This unique integration provides NetSuite customers with a combination of bottom up operational reports with top down company strategy and KPIs.
Okta Cloud Connect
Provider Name: Okta
Enterprises everywhere are adopting cloud based applications and using Okta to increase security, reduce administration costs, and improve end-user productivity associated with those services. Okta’s 100% on-demand identity and access management solution provides customers with single sign-on, automated user provisioning and management, and centralized reporting and analytics, all integrated with their on-premise directory. Okta customers enjoy all the benefits of a software-as-a-service application without the hassle of integrating, installing, or maintaining hardware or software.
OneOffice Membership for NetSuite
Provider Name: BIT 64, Inc
Bit 64 provides a suite of integrated membership tools: sel-serving customer portal, touch-screen front desk station, and mobile apps which facilitate member account management, registration, sales, and customer statistics collection in very simple and user-friendly manner. All of our tools are connected to single member's record, thus the task of customer activities and sales data analysis, and further creation of marketing campaigns and executive decisions based on this analysis becomes easy and fun.
ONESOURCE Indirect Tax Integration for NetSuite
Provider Name: Thomson Reuters (Tax & Accounting) Inc.
Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE™ Indirect Tax, one of the industry’s leading tax solutions available via a traditional NetSuite integration or via NetSuite’s SuiteTax API, offers a comprehensive, cloud-based transaction tax management solution that integrates with NetSuite for accurate sales and value added tax calculation, easy document management, and effortless filing and remittance.
Oracle Talent Management Cloud for Midsize Companies
Provider Name: Oracle
Oracle’s Talent Management Cloud helps growing midsize companies to find, retain and support the development of their greatest asset, their people. A modern HCM cloud solution that is simple to use, improves decision-making, automates manual processes, and creates a great employee experience from a single integrated system.
Oxygen Systems Brazilian Hub
Provider Name: Oxygen Systems
Brazilian Hub is an all embracing solution for the Brazilian market - features include Electronic Invoicing (NFSe and NFe), Brazilian Tax Engine, Installments of Transactions, Brazilian Chart of Accounts, Fiscal Books, SPED’s (Declarations, Fiscal Obligations and Accounting Obligations (files and/or reports)), Eletronic Payment (CNAB files) and other fiscal solutions.
Pacejet Enterprise Shipping for NetSuite
Provider Name: Pacejet
Pacejet cloud-based shipping software integrates NetSuite with more freight, parcel, 3PL carriers and shipping services than any other Built for NetSuite application, helping NetSuite users manage millions of quotes and shipments with reduced costs and increased efficiency. Multi-carrier with freight and parcel in one, complete freight for LTL or 3PL with bill of lading, quoting with rate-shopping, packing with scan-validation, export paperwork, support for NetSuite WMS lite or NetSuite WMS advanced, and much more.
Patchworks BigCommerce Integration
Provider Name: Patchworks Media Ltd
Patchworks is a hosted Built For Netsuite Verified middleware that simplifies integration between NetSuite and Bigcommerce. With out-of-the-box integrations that are quick to deploy along with customisable solutions that are tailored to fit your IT ecosystem. Trust Patchworks to get NetSuite & Bigcommerce working together for your business.
Patchworks Magento Integration
Provider Name: Patchworks Media Ltd
Patchworks Magento Integration is a hosted middleware that simplifies integration between NetSuite and Magento. With out-of-the-box integrations that are quick to deploy along with customisable solutions that are tailored to fit your IT ecosystem. Trust Patchworks to get NetSuite & Magento working together for your business.
Patchworks Shopify Integration
Provider Name: Patchworks Media Ltd
Patchworks is a hosted middleware that simplifies integration between NetSuite and Shopify. With out-of-the-box integrations that are quick to deploy along with customisable solutions that are tailored to fit your IT ecosystem. Trust Patchworks to get NetSuite & Shopify working together for your business.
Patchworks Woocommerce Integration
Provider Name: Patchworks Media Ltd
Patchworks Woocommerce Integration is a hosted middleware that simplifies integration between NetSuite and Woocommerce. With out-of-the-box integrations that are quick to deploy along with customisable solutions that are tailored to fit your IT ecosystem. Trust Patchworks to get NetSuite & Woocommerce working together for your business.
Paycorp Integration for SuitePayments
Provider Name: Paycorp
Paycorp NetSuite integration allows your NetSuite-enabled business to process card payments from customers. All major card types are supported. Paycorp for NetSuite offers a seamless integration experience for your business. Paycorp operates a highly-available multi-redundancy high speed link to ensure payments are authorised and processed in less than 3 seconds. Paycorp is an established ecommerce payment provider with over 17+ years of multi-faceted payment operations.
PayU Latam Checkout for NetSuite
Provider Name: PayU Latam
PayU Latam Checkout for NetSuite SuitePayments enables you to accept local and international credit cards, cash payments, bank transfers and bank payments from online shoppers. This is available for the following Latin American countries: Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Panama, and Peru.
Peoplevox Warehouse Management System for NetSuite
Provider Name: Peoplevox
Peoplevox is an expert SaaS Warehouse Management System (WMS) provider, specialising in helping brands, pureplay e-commerce and multi-channel retailers improve their people management, efficiency and performance of their fulfilment needs. As a mobile-first cloud based system built for e-commerce and multichannel it is a system truly fit for purpose alongside NetSuite.
PlanningEdge 2.0
Provider Name: PlanningEdge
PlanningEdge is a leading enterprise cloud-based software company providing inventory optimization and automated demand planning solutions to the wholesale distribution, manufacturing and eCommerce industries. PlanningEdge recently released PlanningEdge 2.0, an all new platform re-architected from the ground up to provide a true cloud-based SaaS inventory optimization solution for medium sized enterprises. Customers save time planning and order with confidence, retain customers and increase sales by eliminating stock-outs, as well as recover capital tied up in excess inventory. PlanningEdge 2.0 is Built-For-NetSuite certified, and is readily implemented with out-of-the-box integration to NetSuite.
PlanSource Benefits Administration
Provider Name: PlanSource
PlanSource Benefits Administration provides a complete cloud-based technology platform for managing employee benefits. Whether you are an employer, broker, or carrier, PlanSource can be configured as you need it – whether that is as a custom benefits administration system or public or private insurance exchange.
PlumSlice Connector for NetSuite
Provider Name: PlumSlice
PlumSlice Connector for NetSuite enables plug-and-play data exchange between the PlumSlice Buyer Cloud and NetSuite. The PlumSlice Buyer Cloud provides solutions for assortment planning and product selection, core business processes for planners, merchants, and buyers at retailers and e-tailers.
Pocket Buddha
Provider Name: SCS Cloud
Pocket Buddha provides a suite of training solutions right within NetSuite itself, including an Instant Help Widget, Learning Center where users access custom training content, and an Instant Support Widget providing access to IT support staff via chat or support tickets.
PowerHouse WMS, Warehouse Management Software for NetSuite
Provider Name: QSSI LLC
PowerHouse WMS is QSSI’s flagship warehouse management system ( WMS ) that maximizes productivity and eliminates errors. The system features unmatched user-configurability to optimize operations for: 3PL, Apparel, Distribution, Manufacturing, Publishing, eCommerce and industries of all types. PowerHouse is a robust scalable solution that expands upon the typical WMS functional footprint with modules for: Productivity Tracking, 3PL Billing, Quality Assurance, Returns, Event Management, Value Added Services, Yard & Dock management and robust easy to use reporting capabilities. The PowerHouse suite includes; ePowerHouse 'the PowerHouse Web Portal' and PowerHouse/TMS a fully integrated Transportation Management System that improves productivity and reduces shipping costs.
Product Questions and Answers (Q&A)
Provider Name: Tavano Team
Build shopper confidence by displaying answers to product related questions that other shoppers had asked before. Right in the product detail page, vanish any possible uncertantity by allowing shoppers to read previous questions and formulate new ones which answers will be published helping future shoppers.
Product Questions and Answers (Q&A)
Provider Name: Tavano Team
Build shopper confidence by displaying answers to product related questions that other shoppers had asked before. Right in the product detail page, vanish any possible uncertantity by allowing shoppers to read previous questions and formulate new ones which answers will be published helping future shoppers.
ProShip Multi-Carrier Shipping Software
Provider Name: ProShip, Inc.
ProShip, Inc., a Neopost company, is a global provider of enterprise-wide, multi-carrier shipping and manifesting software solutions. ProShip’s reputation for quality is backed by decades of IT and supply chain expertise. From packing to shipping to delivery, ProShip’s powerful solutions enable goods to be delivered faster, more efficiently and more cost-effectively than ever before.
PyanGo Budgetary Control
Provider Name: PyanGo
Manage your organization's budgets and expenditures closely with PyanGo's budgetary control solution. This solution enforces procurement spend to be within available budgets, which is ideal for both non-profits and commercial enterprises needing to gain more control of their expenses.
PyanGo Fund Accounting
Provider Name: PyanGo
Fund Accounting meets the needs of non-profit organizations by ensuring that all accounting entries are balanced by a wide variety of classifications and combinations.
PyanGo Grants Management
Provider Name: PyanGo
Our Grants Management module helps nonprofit and government organizations manage the entire Grants Lifecycle.
Provider Name: Shearwaterasia Co.,Ltd
Shearwater Razor Cashflow is a financial stability and liquidity forecasting tool which incorporates a robust financial forecasting engine along with a toolkit for Asset & Debt Portfolio management.
ReadSoft Vendor Bill and AP Automation for NetSuite
Provider Name: ReadSoft from Lexmark
ReadSoft Online from Lexmark is a SaaS solution for accounts payable automation. It captures data & images from any invoice format & automatically creates a vendor bill in NetSuite, populating all required data and automatically attaching the image.
ReconArt™ for NetSuite
Provider Name: ReconArt
ReconArt™ for NetSuite is a Total Reconciliation Lifecycle solution for high volume transaction matching and exception resolution (e.g. bank, merchant, AP, AR, Payroll, inter-company, suspense) &/or period-end balance sheet account reconciliation, attestation and certification.
Recurly for NetSuite
Provider Name: Recurly
The Recurly for NetSuite integration provides a solution for subscription businesses to seamlessly integrate subscription management and billing with accounting and customer activities.
Relational Junction for NetSuite
Provider Name: Sesame Software
Sesame Software's Relational Junction is a set of Enterprise-class data integration and warehousing tools. For corporations worldwide, the suite delivers scalable, developer-friendly database integration and data warehouse functionality to provide offline backup and reporting, integrate with other data sources, protect valuable corporate information, and provide regulatory compliance. Relational Junction allows NetSuite data to be integrated with other corporate database information, both cloud and on-premise. Relational Junction for NetSuite builds an on-premise SQL Server data warehouse that is a mirror of your NetSuite data in a relational model. Relational Junction ETL provides an SQL-based bi-directional integration capability.
Rewards & Loyalty Points Membership Program for Repeat Sales
Provider Name: Suite Business Software, Inc.
Improve repeat sales with Suite Software's SuiteLoyalty Rewards & Loyalty Points membership program, designed to work easily and efficiently within your NetSuite application.
RF-SMART Advanced Mobile Solutions
Provider Name: Advanced Mobile Solutions from RF-SMART
RF-SMART is a global leader in RF barcoding and mobile supply chain execution solutions for Warehousing, Wholesale Distribution, Manufacturing, Retail & eCommerce. Leveraging barcodes and data collection technology, RF-SMART automates business processes so the production, movement, management and fulfillment of inventory is fast and accurate.
Provider Name: RightAnswers, Inc.
RightAnswers is a powerful cloud-based knowledge management solution, specifically designed so support organizations can easily manage and share knowledge, with the ultimate goal of transforming the way they provide service.
Riva CRM Integration for NetSuite
Provider Name: Riva CRM Integration
Sync NetSuite data directly to Office 365, Exchange, G Suite (Gmail), IBM Verse, IBM Notes and Domino, GroupWise, Marketo, and other enterprise cloud apps. Support for all desktop, web access, Mac, and mobile devices.
RMSA Integration
Provider Name: RMSA Retail Solutions
RMSA gives the NetSuite user a comprehensive tool to manage the merchandise cycle. Inventory is the biggest investment for a retailer and RMSA gives you the ability to buy the right amount of goods and to have them in the correct location for the appropriate season. Every store is treated as its own business with unique seasonal demand patterns and merchandise requirements. Localization is an important factor in generating optimal inventory turns and maintaining strong margins. Each store plan fits the characteristics of its specific market. RMSA collects detailed data from the NetSuite system and we use our retail algorithms to build sales forecasts for every category in every store. The sales forecast drives open-to-buy budgets and delivery plans. The RMSA plan is a tool for the merchandise manager and the retail buyer. It gives a detailed purchasing budget for each category of merchandise and allows the buyer freedom to select the proper items for that category. The RMSA plan is dynamic and recognizes fluctuations in demand that require action on the part of the merchant. The system will recognize unusual sales strength in a category and recommend buying additional stock. It will also recognize weak demand and look to correct inventories through delivery cancellations, reduced buying, or markdowns or transfers of current stock. RMSA tracks maintained markup in every category. This gives a clear picture for setting pricing strategy. Where demand is strong there may be an opportunity to raise prices, and where demand is weak a cohesive markdown strategy can be put in place to avoid dramatic margin pressure. Return on investment in retail is highly dependent on inventory turns. RMSA plans give each store an optimal turn goal that keeps stock fresh. This delivers an enhanced shopping experience for customers. Flexible reporting and alerts give insight at every level of operations. The retailer can view any category in any store, look at a single store, any grouping of stores, or the total operation. A buyer can look at category information across all stores or any subset of stores. Trending reports give current insight into demand, inventory and margin performance for any category or group of stores. This allows for quick corrective action to be taken.
RSM Czech Localization Package for NetSuite
Provider Name: RSM Technology
The RSM Czech localization package has been designed to provide reports, functions, and interfaces required by Czech law or giving usual comfort of Czech accounting system.
RSM ECB Integration
Provider Name: RSM Technology CZ
The RSM ECB – Exchange Rates SuiteApp enables connection from NetSuite ERP to European Central Bank. The solution provides automatic upload of official exchange rates from the European Central Bank. It keeps the accounting systems current, allows a progressive, international company to stay abreast of currency issues which directly effect its internal and external operations.
RSM Slovak Localization Package for NetSuite
Provider Name: RSM Technology
The Slovak Localization Package for NetSuite has been designed to provide reports, functions and interfaces required by Slovak law or giving usual comfort of Slovak accounting system.
RubikHR Leave and Employee Management
Provider Name: CuriousRubik
Streamline your HR operations with RubikHR's intuitive and user-friendly application. Built natively on NetSuite, this SuiteApp helps the Singaporean companies to easily track and manage employee details, relationships, compensation, paid time-off, vacation, sick days and any other custom leave types. Designed for Singaporean companies, the app provides built-in leave rules and policies as per the MOM requirements and provides all data required for payroll processing. Out of box it provides 22 different types of leaves starting from basic to complex maternity, child care leaves etc. In summary the app helps you to manage complete on boarding, employee data, compensation, relationships and time off without leaving your NetSuite account.
RubikPayroll for NetSuite - International Payroll
Provider Name: CuriousRubik
RubikPayroll s a modern payroll application built completely on NetSuite native platform without the need for any external applications. The app handles the complete payroll processing for Singapore companies including all the statutory compliance needs as per the MOM requirements. The app gives you, your managers, and your employees a single place to manage all your payroll needs such as salary, benefits management, taxes, social deductions, compliance, and much more — with beautiful dashboards.
S4GV Platform Gateway
Provider Name: S4GV
For all NetSuite customers who rely on the transparency and integrity of their product flows and want to ensure end-to-end visibility on their items from manufacturing to the shop floor, the S4GV Platform provides multiple complementary solutions to NetSuite’s ERP such as Warehousing and Logistics, Asset Management, real-time Tracking and Monitoring and Store Management.
SaaS in a Box Notifications for NetSuite
Provider Name: SaaS in a Box
SaaS in a Box Notifications for NetSuite automates communications from you to your customers, suppliers, partners, and employees. Each notification is targeted to a specific recipient; and each notification’s content is customized based on any searchable field in NetSuite. Leverage the power of NetSuite to automate notifications – saving time and money, increasing efficiency and accuracy, and improving results.
Salesfusion Marketing Automation
Provider Name: Salesfusion
Salesfusion offers a complete and easy-to-use marketing automation solution that enables marketing teams to deliver effective programs. The company’s platform includes all the features marketers need to create, manage, and analyze marketing tactics and campaigns — including email & nurture marketing, lead scoring & management, website tracking & analytics, landing pages & forms, social media management, and marketing dashboards.
SecurePay Credit Card Processing for Australia
Provider Name: SecurePay
NetSuite-integrated payment gateway for credit card processing in Australia.
Sentient Compensation Management for NetSuite
Provider Name: Sentient Inc.
Comprehensive Compensation (CoCo); a total compensation planning and execution platform, adds to the NetSuite functionality by providing the critical link between managing your employees and determining what compensation they should receive. Comprehensive Compensation adds budgeting and budget optimization, real time compensation plan and rule setting as well as a full suite of reports and analytics to your NetSuite application. It includes the ability to dynamically create a variety of awards including Merit, promotions, Salary Adjustments, Lump Sums, Step/Sales Awards, variable Pay and Long Term Incentives (stock, options and RSU’s). Unique eligibility rule setting and dynamic activation/deactivation of awards make this system a year round tool for the organization and vastly improved accuracy in their budgeting and process.
Sentient Org Charts For NetSuite
Provider Name: Sentient Inc.
Visual Organization gives you all the best features of top of the line Org Charting software but steps ahead with its seamless integration into NetSuite. Visual Organization leverages your NetSuite investment by allowing you to not only view your employees, but any NetSuite data in an easy to use and to understand organizational chart format.
Sererra EventSeries - Event Management for NetSuite
Provider Name: Sererra Consulting Group LLC,
Event and Training Management can now be easily managed all within one total system to run your business. This enables you to better market and manage the complex workflows associated with this industry.
Sererra RentalSeries - Rental Management for NetSuite
Provider Name: Sererra Consulting Group LLC,
With Sererra's Equipment Rental Management Solution you can now rent out your equipment or products to your customers and effectively track the inventory without it coming out of your balance sheet.
Sererra RepairSeries - Repair Management for NetSuite
Provider Name: Sererra Consulting Group LLC,
Sererra’s RepairSeries – Repair Management for NetSuite – helps you manage your customer’s maintenance services, repairs, RMAs and service contracts.
Service Pro® for NetSuite
Provider Name: MSI Data
Service Pro field service software for NetSuite helps organizations automate repair, maintenance, installation, and inspection services with an easy to use, NetSuite-integrated cloud app for field service management. Manage calls, work orders, quotes, parts, service contracts, warranties, scheduling and mobile.
Shearwater Alibaba Tmall&Taobao Connector
Provider Name: Shearwaterasia Co.,Ltd
The Shearwater connects you to the world largest EC market, leveraging the world largest EC merchant platform, all integrated into your global NetSuite account for seamless back-office integration.
Shearwater Golden Tax Connector for NetSuite
Provider Name: Shearwaterasia Co.,Ltd
Golden Tax Connector integrates NetSuite and the Chinese Golden Tax System, enabling faster, more efficient and secure operations.
Shearwater Kingdee Connector for NetSuite
Provider Name: Shearwaterasia Co.,Ltd
The Shearwater Kingdee Connector allows the automated posting of the NetSuite General Ledger to the Chinese Accounting software Kingdee , which is a widely used and fully certified out-of-the-box in China. This bundle helps international companies operate on a global standard with NetSuite while keeping local operation fully compliant, efficient and secure.
Shearwater Yonyou Connector for NetSuite
Provider Name: Shearwaterasia Co.,Ltd
The Shearwater Yonyou Connector allows the automated posting of the NetSuite General Ledger to the Chinese Accounting software Yonyou , which is a widely used and fully certified out-of-the-box in China. This bundle helps international companies operate on a global standard with NetSuite while keeping local operation fully compliant, efficient and secure.
Shepherd CMMS & HS&W
Provider Name: Shepherd CMMS & HS&W
Shepherd CMMS offers a fully integrated computer maintenance and field service management system for NetSuite. Transfer service contracts into sales orders, standardize pricing, monitor and standardize service reporting, maintain service histories for all managed customer equipment, push service resources to field support staff, remind sales staff of recurring service before its due date, and never miss a service once it's sold.
Shift Rota
Provider Name: FHL
The Shift Rota app provides businesses with the appropriate functionality to allow users to create and assign shifts to employees.
ShipitSmarter | Multi-Carrier Shipment Management Platform
Provider Name: ShipitSmarter
Integration between NetSuite and ShipitSmarter. Users of this app will be able to use the ShipitSmarter shipping services directly from within NetSuite.
ShipJunction Shipping and Fulfillment Manager
Provider Name: ShipJunction
ShipJunction offers a suite of features allowing you to ship smarter and faster. With a comprehensive multi-carrier shipping portal and workflow automation technology, leverage money and time saving tools designed for efficient and scalable handling of high volumes of shipments.
ShipStation Connector for NetSuite
Provider Name: Nova Module
Integrate ShipStation and NetSuite! Export orders from NetSuite to ShipStation, get fulfillment data back into NetSuite from ShipStation, update product data from NetSuite to ShipStation. Out of the box solution can be customized to fit your needs. Happy shipping!
SignNow by Barracuda
Provider Name: Barracuda Networks
SignNow by Barracuda is an award-winning e-signature solution used by millions of people and companies to sign, send and manage documents on any device. Create, review, track and send for e-signature without leaving NetSuite, at a fraction of the cost. Senders can quickly reset expirations and change email addresses from within NetSuite. Send from templates, quotes, or anywhere within NetSuite. Canadian Payroll For NetSuite
Provider Name:
Simplepay is a leading Canadian cloud payroll solution integrated with NetSuite. Provider of professional payroll management on an affordable, monthly subscription basis for any size of business.
Simply-Does-IT - Cash Manager for NetSuite
Provider Name: Simply-Does-IT
An efficient easy to use weekly cash flow planning aid. It runs automatically in the background of open sales and purchase deliveries/ invoices and latest cleared bank balances. Cash Manager is dynamic and accurate, easy to install and simple to operate and update. An ideal entry-level system for organisations of all sizes needing instantly available cash flow information for the coming 13 weeks.
Simply-Does-IT - Liquidity Manager for NetSuite
Provider Name: Simply-Does-IT
A fully integrated, automated, cash flow forecasting / planning application. Cash flows are monitored by days, weeks, months and quarters for up to 5 years ahead. Forecast flow streams for income, costs of sale, standing charges and operation costs are easy to add and update. Open sales and purchase transactions are automatically mirrored in flow forecasts to give instant, dynamically updated, accurate planning information with little or no user intervention. Current transactions and latest forecasts are seamlessly linked together giving views of future profitability, sales analysis and funding requirements right in the NetSuite Dashboard.
Simply-Does-IT - Money Manager for NetSuite
Provider Name: Simply-Does-IT
A fully integrated, automated, funds flow forecasting application covering the next 7 days and the next 8 weeks, in detail. It gives you the comfort of knowing bank balances at critical future dates and the ability to manage them. When a sales delivery is confirmed or when a service invoice is raised, or when a purchase order is billed, a mirrored transaction is posted into the forecast. This data is then used to predict future bank positions. The transaction due dates are supplemented with the expected date - which is based on average days to pay from/to customers and vendors. Likewise when receipts and payments are posted into the debtor/creditor ledgers bank forecast entries are posted as well. This all adds up to clear and instant forward bank positions, with extremely little accounting effort.
Simply-Does-IT ~ HSEC+ for NetSuite
Provider Name: Simply-Does-IT
A productivity tool for the Company Health and Safety Officer, Facility Manager, Property Manager, and their teams. The solution adds the capability to NetSuite for Health and Safety Audits, Risk Assessments and Equipment Inspections, as well as providing a Support Service Desk and Accident/Incident recording with follow-up Investigations. The solution is based on tried and tested health and safety industry operating methods and requires only a minimum amount of training for experienced NetSuite users. Manly written using the NetSuite SuiteFlow development system, it's very easy to extend the features of the system internally, or by using external developers without significant costs.
Provider Name: Tvarana Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
SkyDoc leverages the power of Amazon cloud storage to expand NetSuite’s storage capabilities. SkyDoc connects into Amazon cloud from NetSuite using APIs in both applications. This helps users leverage NetSuite for business process automation, and Amazon for inexpensive data storage. Users can view/upload/download/delete files to Amazon seamlessly from NetSuite.
Snapfulfil Cloud WMS for NetSuite
Provider Name: Synergy Logistics
Snapfulfil is a best of breed warehouse management system which drives efficient processes to optimize stock, space and resources in the warehouse. Snapfulfil’s Software as a Service model bundles the software, license, infrastructure, hardware, training, maintenance and support into a single monthly subscription, based on the number of users. The company’s unique No Capex model means that there are no upfront costs and nothing to pay until go-live. Snapfulfil can be deployed in around 45 days, providing a functionally equivalent alternative to a traditional Tier 1 WMS, in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost.
Provider Name: Thinkwork, LLC
Simple and powerful, SnapSign is a comprehensive e-signature and document management solution that helps customers reduce costs and save valuable time by minimizing ‘time to signature’ thereby accelerating business results.
Softype edERP Admission
Provider Name: Softype, Inc.
Softype's edERP application brings remarkable benefits of NetSuite to the education sector. edERP Admissions enables educational institutions to manage the end to end admissions process from capturing the information on prospective students, streamlining communications related to the admissions process, scheduling entrance or other tests while providing visibility to a school or university admissions office.
Softype edERP Course Management
Provider Name: Softype, Inc.
Softype's edERP application brings remarkable benefits of NetSuite to the education sector. Course Management is edERP's core module, designed to significantly reduce manual work in planning and scheduling your school curriculum.
Softype edERP Enrollment
Provider Name: Softype, Inc.
Softype's edERP application brings remarkable benefits of NetSuite to the education sector. Enrollment module is designed based on common educational institution requirements for inherent processes, giving users flexibility to set up the module according to particular rules and policies. Generally, there are three ways in which the enrollment process can be handled by various educational institutions: Free course selection, where any course, offered for a particular semester, can be chosen by student. The course credit and pre-requisite validations are in place. Second, selection of predefined course groups or blocks, where courses are scheduled for every semester but course blocks can be selected based on various time slot and faculty combinations. Finally, fixed schedule per student batch, where every student is pre-assigned a batch and only has a choice of elective courses.
Solupay for NetSuite SuitePayments
Provider Name: Solupay Credit Card Processing for the US and Canada
Solupay's direct integration with NetSuite delivers a simple and secure way to accept credit and debit card payments, and fully supports a variety of features including Interchange Management, Level III Purchasing Card Support, Advanced Fraud Management with our 3D Secure Advanced, Dedicated Relationship Management and much more.
Solution 7 Excel Financial Reporting & Planning for NetSuite (previously SmartView by Solution 7)
Provider Name: Solution 7
Create great looking financial reports and models, formatted your way, in the financial professional's tool of choice - Microsoft® Excel®. Solution 7 features include:
  • Consolidated P&L and Balance Sheet reporting
  • Budget, Forecast and Cash-flow statements
  • Live drill down and drill back to NetSuite
  • Budget preparation and upload to NetSuite
  • Automated report distribution.
Sovos Sales Tax Determination for NetSuite
Provider Name: Sovos Compliance, LLC
Simplify tax compliance through Sovos Sales Tax Determination for NetSuite, a Built for NetSuite verified integration that leverages NetSuite's SuiteTax API. The Sovos Sales Tax integration with NetSuite simplifies indirect tax determination and compliance with confidence, so you can focus on core activities that drive your business compliance, providing greater control and visibility, and mitigating compliance risk.
SPS Commerce Integrated EDI Fulfillment for NetSuite
Provider Name: SPS Commerce
The SPS Commerce Integrated EDI Fulfillment for NetSuite integrates into your existing NetSuite application, offering advanced functionality with less risk and at a lower cost than traditional EDI software. Our proven, cloud-based architecture provides the flexibility and scalability you need to thrive in the omnichannel era. You’ll also be joining the world’s largest retail network that currently hosts more than 60,000 trading partnerships. Your business will benefit from the speed and accuracy of automated sales order creation, order acknowledgement, ship notice management, invoicing and more, making it equally simple to collaborate with trading partners located around the world.
SquareWorks Check Printing Bundle
Provider Name: SquareWorks, LLC
SquareWorks’ Check Printing Bundle simplifies the check printing process by allowing users to upload digital signatures and MICR Fonts and enabling them to print checks on blank check stock.
SquareWorks Vendor Request Bundle
Provider Name: SquareWorks, LLC
SquareWorks' Vendor Request Bundle is an easy way to manage your vendor on-boarding process in NetSuite. Protect your company against fraud and ensure SOX compliance while boosting efficiency for your Finance Team.
Provider Name: Stampli Inc.
Stampli is a cloud-based invoice management software that streamlines approvals and improves visibility and control over Accounts Payable processes. By centering communications around a digital invoice landing page, all activity is recorded in the invoice itself. Stampli integrates seamlessly with NetSuite, supports unlimited users, and can be implemented across an organization in less than an hour.
Staria Finland Localization SuiteApp
Provider Name: Staria Oyj
Staria Localization SuiteApp includes Finnish payment templates, Finnish reference number calculation (for invoice and payment mappings), Automatic selection of Tax code in sales transactions according to item VAT nature and Finnish invoice layout.
Staria Norway Localization SuiteApp
Provider Name: Staria Oyj
Staria Norwegian Localization SuiteApp includes statutory report templates, payment templates, generation of KID number on invoice and Norwegian invoice template
Staria Sweden Localization SuiteApp
Provider Name: Staria Oyj
Staria Sweden Localization SuiteApp includes SIE file generation, payment templates, automatic selection of tax code in sales transactions according to item VAT nature, Swedish invoice process and automatic P&L account classification on transactions.
Provider Name: StratoKey
StratoKey provides a comprehensive data protection and compliance solution for NetSuite. With StratoKey, organizations gain granular control over their data security through FIPS certified encryption (and tokenization) that protects the confidential information stored within NetSuite. This data protection helps organizations meet stringent compliance requirements, such as those defined by HIPAA, GLBA, FERPA, GDPR etc.
stratustime for NetSuite
Provider Name: nettime solutions
stratustime enhances the NetSuite user experience by delivering decision-making analytics, including time and attendance tracking, leave management, accrual calculations, scheduling, and more. stratustime automatically configures complex pay rules, company policies, and local, state, and federal labor laws, eliminating subjective policy interpretation.
Provider Name: Strongpoint
Strongpoint, formerly FLODocs, is the fastest, safest and most stress-free way to do documentation, change management and be compliant for NetSuite. Strongpoint automatically documents everything and maintains the core documentation describing each customization. It helps you make better and faster decisions keeping your systems clean and optimized. You can quickly answer the question “If I change *this*, what else may break?”
Subscribe-HR - Cloud People Management Software
Provider Name: Subscribe-HR
Cloud People Management Software for People Leaders employed in Mid-Sized Enterprises. Solutions include: e-Recruitment, Core-HR, Self-Service, Performance Management, HR Surveys, BPMN Workflow, Developer Tools, Reporting
SummitIT Label Print Connector
Provider Name: Summit IT Services, LLC
The SummitIT Label Print Connector is an intuitive interface between NetSuite and label printers. NetSuite users can harness the power of NetSuite search to populate label barcodes and other information via record navigation. Label printing from NetSuite using Zebra ZPL II has never been this seamless and simple. Cloud for NetSuite
Provider Name: Cloud empowers enhanced service delivery with NetSuite CRM. Cloud provides a complete and modern solution to optimize service delivery for customer self-service and representative support. Integrated with NetSuite CRM, Cloud delivers step-by-step knowledge guidance, intelligent remote diagnostics, and collaboration tools including remote video annotation. Cloud transforms NetSuite CRM to an end-to-end customer engagement platform, resulting in more productive sales & customer success teams, lower costs to deliver support, and increased customer satisfaction.
Provider Name: SyncHR
The SyncHR SuiteApp provides NetSuite end-users with improved analytics and financial reporting, including real-time budget-to-actual reporting and true headcount tracking. SyncHR’s robust, single HCM application increases data integrity across the payroll, human resource, and benefits functions and then pushes the financial results to NetSuite which increases productivity and data accuracy for joint users.
Tactical Connect For Microsoft PowerBI and Excel
Provider Name: Tactical Cloud
With Tactical Connect, you can integrate your NetSuite data with #1 ranked BI Tools: Microsoft PowerBI and Excel
Tactical Connect for Qlik®
Provider Name: Tactical Cloud
With Tactical Connect, you can integrate your NetSuite data with Qlik® and your Qlik® apps back inside of NetSuite.
Tavano's Faceted Search Catalog Navigation
Provider Name: Tavano Team
Your shoppers have a pretty good idea of what they want. Make their search easy by letting them access your products through the use of narrow and tailored search filters based on your item’s attribute, providing the shopper a feel of control. Responsive and performing. Join the latest industry calls with the latest faceted capability in NetSuite for your shoppers and experience improved online conversion improvement.
Temando Shipping Integration
Provider Name: Cloud Coders
Temando allows you to choose quotes from a selection of over 50 Australian freight providers. This SuiteApp lets you do it from NetSuite! No need to re-key data, it saves time by automatically getting real time prices from Temando AND creates bookings based on your freight set-up.
Provider Name: Tesorio, Inc.
Tesorio is a working capital and cash management optimization tool. It provides companies with direct insights to their AP, AR, and current cash balances. Additionally, going beyond a standard BI or reporting tool, Tesorio is able to provide recommendations that will have immediate bottom line impacts. Thanks to the 2-way integration with NetSuite, Tesorio can immediately push operational improvements back into NetSuite so that companies can focus on growing their business and not on executing recommendations.
Tesorio Dynamic Bill Discounting
Provider Name: Tesorio, Inc.
Turn your Accounts Payable into a profit center with Tesorio, automatically. Our software earns you savings by offering accelerated payment to vendors in exchange for a discount on a bill. Once a NetSuite user creates a Tesorio account, they earn an average APR of 12% each time a vendor accepts a discount. Tesorio is the first dynamic discounting solution that integrates directly with NetSuite. Our integration allows you to earn discounts from 100% of your suppliers, with zero manual effort, and no changes to your business processes. Start earning a return on the cash stuck in your AP.
Tipalti AP & Supplier Payment Automation for NetSuite
Provider Name: Tipalti
Tipalti is the only end-to-end solution that streamlines the entire accounts payable and supplier payments operation. More than just a global remittance engine, Tipalti also provides supplier onboarding and vetting, digital tax form collection and validation, invoice processing, proactive supplier communications, early payments, enterprise-grade financial controls, and real-time payment reconciliation and reporting with NetSuite. The seamless nature of the solution, including the ability to control and monitor disbursement, provides unique insight and alignment between suppliers, payments, and results. We cut 80% of the workload related to management of supplier payment operations and allow teams to focus on strategic finance initiatives and provide the systems infrastructure that will scale with their growing businesses.
Provider Name: TopOPPS
TopOPPS is like a CRM assistant to sales reps that guides winning behaviors for optimum performance and sales process adoption. TopOPPS helps sales teams achieve pipeline data hygiene resulting in accurate analytics, guided insights, and predictive sales forecasts.
TrackAbout Connector
Provider Name: Solution Source
The TrackAbout Connector for NetSuite brings serialized mobile asset tracking to NetSuite via seamless integration to TrackAbout’s industry leading cloud solution. Developed by Solution Source, the connector is a fully automated solution that provides tracking of deliveries, returns, transfers, and rental fees.
Provider Name: TrackVia
TrackVia is a leading mobile solution for NetSuite users. TrackVia helps extend NetSuite system-of-record data to field workers or mobile employees, as well as streamline mobile workflows and processes.
Trigger Networks China GAAP for NetSuite
Provider Name: Trigger Networks
PRC GAAP reports are generated directly from NetSuite. The solution is built on NetSuite's SuiteCloud platform and does not require integration with external legacy C/S architecture systems. A user-friendly China GAAP report generation solution for NetSuite users in China.
Trintech ERP Connector for NetSuite
Provider Name: Trintech, Inc.
Trintech’s connector for the NetSuite ERP enables users to rapidly integrate Cadency with their ERP, expediting the extraction of their account information.
TrueCommerce EDI for NetSuite
Provider Name: TrueCommerce
The TrueCommerce end-to-end, cloud-based EDI solution for NetSuite ERP, makes it easy to comply with your customers’ EDI requirements. This robust, integrated solution includes everything you need to streamline and automate sales order, purchase order and warehouse document transactions.
Tvarana Add Products
Provider Name: Tvarana Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Tvarana Add Products SuiteApp helps users select the multiple items on transaction records having item sublist. The solution provides a popup-like multiple items screen, with list of custom parameres based on the setup parameters and filters the items list. Users can add the list of matrix items easily with selected quantity.
Tvarana Ancillary Charges for NetSuite
Provider Name: Tvarana Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Tvarana Ancillary Charges for NetSuite lets users record ancillary charges in the NetSuite system. Ancillary charges could be anything from write-offs, bank charges etc. To record any charges, the user is expected to manually post a Journal Entry that is not connected to the original transaction. If the user forgets to record these charges correctly or add appropriate comments, it would be nightmare for accountants during close or reconciliation exercise.
Tvarana Bulk Email Invoices
Provider Name: Tvarana Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Tvarana Bulk Email Invoices SuiteApp enables your Accounts Receivable team to email all customers with open invoices in a single step. This easy to use app lets you view a list of open invoices, send a consolidated email to a customer with multiple open invoices, customise email using templates and enable easy follow up.
Tvarana Cash Flow Statement
Provider Name: Tvarana Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Cash Flow Statement app gives user the ability to check their cash balances and cash forecast across individual or multiple bank accounts. Users will be able to forecast cash across subsidiaries and work with vendors/customers to adjust cash. Accounting team can unselect transactions both on the vendors and customers and see how it effect their cash position. This will enable companies to plan and be ready for any opportunity.
Tvarana Inventory Count
Provider Name: Tvarana Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Tvarana Inventory Count is an easy to use tool that gives you a framework to perform regular inventory counts and record them in NetSuite
Tvarana Vendor Statement
Provider Name: Tvarana Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Venrdor Statement is a SuiteApp that provides statements to vendors, including financial transactions such as Vendor Invoices, Bill payments, Journals and Bill Credits.  Vendor transactions can be printed or emailed to vendors conveniently using the app. Vendor Statement is similar to the standard NetSuite Customer Statements, which provides a statement to your customers reminding them about payment of their invoices.
UltiPro by Ultimate Software
Provider Name: Ultimate Software
Ultimate Software is a leading cloud provider of human capital management (HCM) solutions, supporting thousands of customers, representing diverse industries and managing millions of employees across the world. Operating with a commitment to always put people first, Ultimate’s award-winning UltiPro helps simplify and improve work experiences for employees at every level. Organizations can easily manage global people data and processes with UltiPro and ensure their people feel engaged and productive from day one. With UltiPro, you can deliver personalized recruiting and onboarding experiences, guide employees through important benefits choices, simplify complex payroll computations, efficiently manage time and attendance needs, support continuous performance management and development, and build proactive succession plans for the future. Most importantly, UltiPro’s solutions are supported by powerful business intelligence and reporting to help drive smarter, people-focused business results. The integration between NetSuite’s ERP suite and UltiPro’s HCM solutions gives companies the ability to manage their entire business lifecycle through two of the industry’s leading cloud solutions.
Umbrella - Venues & Convention Center App
Provider Name: CuriousRubik
Umbrella is a modern application built for venues and convention centers, and facility management companies to run the entire operations on web and mobile. Built on cloud platform used by 20,000+ companies, the app handles the complete spectrum of operations starting from Room Booking, F & B Booking, Equipment Rentals, Staffing & Services and Media Booking. This coupled with integrated financials and business intelligence provides one complete solution for all your departments and people. Its is a single system to manage all your operations.
Provider Name: Uplevl
Integration withUplevl adds powerful document management to NetSuite's Accounts Payable capabilities. Additional capture, workflow, indexing, reporting, and search features make users more productive.
Valogix Inventory Planning
Provider Name: Valogix LLC
Valogix Inventory Planning is a full-featured, web-based inventory planning software solution that is easy to use and affordable for any company. The advanced demand planning capabilities manage unlimited items in multiple locations, create automated forecasts and replenishment plans and optimized inventory. Users experience reductions in inventory costs and increased customer satisfaction.
Value Chain Resource Planning™ (VCRP™)
Provider Name: Vecco International
Vecco VCRP™ multi-tier Supply Chain, Demand Planning and Execution solution enables NetSuite users, in concert with their suppliers and customers, to manage their value chain efficiently and to respond to constant changes in demand, supply, and market events. No changes are required to partner systems.
Vantiv eCommerce for NetSuite
Provider Name: Vantiv Inc.
Leveraging NetSuite’s SuitePayments API, the Vantiv SuiteApp Bundle supports a variety of payments options that allows you to securely accept credit and debit card payments, highly optimize your eCommerce business, help maximize customer lifetime value, and increase revenue.
Vantiv Payments for NetSuite
Provider Name: Vantiv
Vantiv Payments for NetSuite includes the gateway and acquiring, and lets you integrate Vantiv payment processing services with your NetSuite account. Vantiv is a SuitePayments partner. In addition, Vantiv continues to support the NetSuite POS product via our Mercury Payment Systems platform.
VAR Connect
Provider Name: Catalyst Technology Corporation
Automate the task of managing the status of your purchase orders with Catalyst VAR Connect. Our native NetSuite application will retrieve valuable order status information from 7 major distributors and populate details on the line level of your NetSuite purchase order record.
Veem Global Payments for NetSuite
Provider Name: Veem
Veem is a modern, global payments network for small and medium-sized businesses. With its unique multi-rail financial network and simple payment experience our connected payment platform brings complete transparency to businesses and their vendors, eliminating friction and wire fees. Sending global payments is as simple as sending an email and can now be done from NetSuite, eliminating double entries and complicated reconciliations. Every payment comes with real-time payment status and end-to-end client support to help both parties see payment issues sooner and resolve payment issues faster, from start to finish.
Velaro Live Chat for NetSuite
Provider Name: Velaro
Velaro Live Chat for NetSuite empowers users to Make Every Chat Better Than the Last™ through Live Chat Performance Management. Put the power of NetSuite at your chat agent’s fingertips and supplement it with Velaro’s own customizable, actionable reporting and analytics.
Verenia - Native CPQ for NetSuite
Provider Name: Verenia
Verenia’s product configurator and CPQ (Configure Price Quote) application is one of the first CPQ platforms natively built on the SuiteCloud platform. No integration required.
Vertex Cloud Indirect Tax for NetSuite
Provider Name: Vertex
Vertex helps automate sales and use tax compliance for any size business. By enabling calculations and returns in a single, cloud-based solution, offering flexible service levels and featuring flexible pricing with no overage fees, Vertex meets the sales and use tax automation needs of growing businesses.
Vertical Solutions Field Service Management for NetSuite
Provider Name: Vertical Solutions, Inc. (VSI)
Vertical Solutions, Inc. develops VServiceManagement™ for enterprise customer support, field service, and mobile environments.
  • Available as a service or on-premises
  • Positioned in Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Field Service Management
  • Built for NetSuite (BFN)-certified & fully integrated with NetSuite
  • Deployed in a private- or public-cloud environment
  • Rapid deployment options
  • Addresses the numerous service needs for IoT (Internet of Things)
  • Innate to the solution is a business process (BPM) design tool as a layer within the architecture
Virtual Office/Virtual Office Pro
Provider Name: 8x8
Full suite of Unified Communications including advanced IP Telephony, Web/Voice/Video conferencing, call recording, disaster preparedness, distributed enterprise integration with seamless interoperability with NetSuite.
Vonage for NetSuite®
Provider Name: Vonage, Inc
Vonage for NetSuite® automatically logs all incoming and outgoing call data to your NetSuite client record, captures the call notes, provides accurate call time capture, and more.
WAERlinx Warehouse Management For NetSuite
Provider Name: Waer Systems Limited
WAERlinx is a robust, agile Warehouse Management System (WMS) that integrates fully with NetSuite. Its extensive, straightforward functionality has been honed over many years and has the control, visibility and reporting you would expect from a next generation WMS. If you have a warehouse, and run your business with NetSuite, then you need WAERlinx.
WeighPay POS
Provider Name: Inc. | WeighPay Solutions
Weight-based POS with scale integration, camera, ID scanner, fingerprint scanner, ATM, cash and coin dispenser integration with an online back office.
Provider Name: World Fashion Exchange (I) Pvt. Ltd.
WFX Cloud PLM is a Product Lifecycle Management software that helps fashion companies (apparel, footwear, accessories, and home goods) gain efficiency throughout the product lifecycle. Instead of using email and spreadsheets to “manage” development and production, WFX Cloud PLM provides a platform of centralized product information and database-driven search including techpacks, collection planning, sampling and approvals, costing, production, supplier collaboration, and time and action tracking. WFX Cloud PLM integrates with NetSuite to eliminate error-prone, manual duplication in setup of styles, materials and purchases.
WIN™ (Web Integrated Network)
Provider Name: Odyssey Logistics & Technology Corporation
WIN (Web Integrated Network) is a no-fee web-based Transportation Management System (TMS) that helps you manage your freight with just a few keystrokes. Capable of fully integrating with your existing systems, WIN helps you handle your North American logistics needs.
Xcelero - Automated Testing for NetSuite
Provider Name: Xcelero
Xcelero automates validation of business processes in NetSuite. It enables effortless authoring and automated execution of test cases and business flows. Results of test cases can be analyzed using user-defined success criteria.
Provider Name: YayPay Inc
YayPay is an automation solution that makes your accounts receivables process faster, easier, and more efficient.
Zuora Subscription Billing & Commerce Platform
Provider Name: Zuora
Zuora, an on-demand leader for subscription billing and commerce, provides the most complete and full featured SaaS platform for subscription, recurring, and usage based business across industries including cloud computing and high technology, media and telecommunications, online services, and business services.
ZUUS Workforce - Scheduling and Time & Attendance
Provider Name: ZUUS Dynamic Scheduling
ZUUS is a dynamic staff scheduling platform that helps your managers create staff schedules that ensure your customers never wait too long for service. We do this by harvesting point of sales and foot traffic data. In a few simple steps ZUUS forecasts sales trends and uses your labor model to help your managers make the smartest staff changes. This keeps your customers happy, considers staff needs and drives profit. The solution seamlessly integrates with NetSuite ERP, Infinet Cloud’s payroll and other 3rd party applications like Point of Sale, retail management & payroll systems.
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