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Softeon Warehouse Management System (WMS)
Softeon Warehouse Management System (WMS) manages distribution operations at higher levels of productivity, control and customer service. The system provides real-time control over inbound, outbound and inventory management processes.
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Version: 4.8
First Available: 9/1/1999
Compatible with: NetSuite
Languages: Mulitple
The Modern Warehouse
The Challenge

Today’s highly complex global supply chains are stressing the limits of distribution management. Demand and supply volatility coupled with changes in customer requirements and expectations significantly impact warehouse operations. The daily effort to meet or exceed customer expectations leaves little time to improve fulfillment processes. It all adds up.

Softeon Solution

Softeon’s agile warehouse management system (WMS) provides the flexibility to keep up with changing business and market conditions. We leverage modern capabilities to streamline processes, automate warehouse functions, optimize resources and ensure timely execution of events. Whether you have a single distribution center or a distribution network, our solution can be rapidly configured for your specific requirements to achieve the operational excellence you need.

Key Benefits
Product Benefits:
  • Easy to Use
  • Flexible Configuration
  • Faster Time to Market
  • Adaptable to  Business Change
  • Lower Cost of Ownership

Business Benefits:

  • Increase Business Agility
  • Improve Customer Responsiveness
  • Increase Profitability

Softeon Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Softeon WMS is a functionally rich, highly versatile, and easy-to-use system to manage DC operations at higher levels of productivity, control and customer service. Our system gives you real-time control over inbound, outbound and inventory management processes.

Improve Order Fulfillment
Powerful orchestration of planning, replenishment, picking, loading and shipping processes drives highly efficient order fulfillment operations. Included is unique functionality for order grouping and wave planning, multiple advanced picking methodologies, integrated real-time control and consolidation of orders, and highly intelligent and dynamic allocation and replenishment logic. 

Gain Real-time Warehouse Visibility
Dashboards cover the full range of activity from insight at the aisle and bin level to key mobile capabilities for executive management to access all warehouse activities in real-time. Powerful, graphical tools and user-defined queries enable you to view and manage inventory in real-time, as well as optimize resources and increase productivity. 

Improve Resource Efficiency
Softeon WMS offers the industry’s most flexible approach to integration with real-time voice functionality, eliminating the need for third party control software, and provides significant advantages for those companies using advanced material handling systems, such as carton sortation, pick-to-light ASRS, and other technologies. 

Increase Inventory Accuracy
Our system provides real-time control over all aspects of materials management in your warehouse operations. This includes location management, receiving, quality checking, putaway operations and inventory control. End-to-end tracking of inventory includes integration with RF scanning, voice devices and material handling automation systems. 

Enhance Labor Productivity
Tools for optimizing labor and equipment resources enable you to properly plan warehouse resources. A task-based module tracks and manages each warehouse activity to optimize labor resources. Task assignment ensures the right person has the right equipment to get the right job done in the best way. Task interleaving provides the ability to enhance labor utilization by reducing the number of times a worker is deadheading with their equipment. 

Optimize Space Utilization
Our rules-based engine and graphical tools help you plan warehouse layout and storage strategies for continuous performance improvement. Put fast-moving products in the best place with virtual zoning tools to optimize space. 

Manage Event Execution
Alert notification and event management capabilities enable staff and the network to stay on top of expected events that don’t occur as planned so prompt action can be taken.

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