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AccellosOne Warehouse
Combines radio frequency, barcode technology, and a robust Internet-based architecture to deliver a powerful, scalable, flexible real-time warehouse management system to enable Wholesale Distributors and 3PL Providers to increase accuracy, throughput, and visibility into their inventory and warehouse operations.
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Version: 64.02
First Available: 7/1/2012
Compatible with: NetSuite
Languages: English, German
AccellosOne Cloud WMS for NetSuite
The Accellos Warehouse Management System (WMS) integrates with the NetSuite ERP business system through a standard Accellos interface. Accellos can be implemented at the customer's site or in the cloud, eliminating the need for a server on-premise.

Key Benefits
  • More than a decade of experience
  • Over 1000 distributors and 3PL operations use AccellosOne WMS globally
  • Implement the functionality you need and save money and implementation time on what you don’t
  • Extend NetSuite on to the warehouse floor - tightly control lot and serial product attributes, manage assembly production and enforce inventory / order shipment accuracy
  • Improve warehouse throughput by optimizing tasks with features like batch picking, cartonization, multi-zone management, pick bin replenishment, directed put-away, multi-carrier shipping optimization and much more
  • Choice of Cloud or on-Premise
  • Real-time analytics with built-in KPIs enable quick decisions for maximizing warehouse productivity and efficiency
  • Based in North America Quick ROI

Extending NetSuite with AccellosOne WMS

Less materials handling in a warehouse means less opportunity to make a mistake. Many AccellosOne WMS customers pick, pack, check and ship all in one step… all throughout, scanning products with mobile devices that look a lot like smartphones but are ruggedized for industrial use in harsh environments like warehouses.

AccellosOne WMS customers in multi-channel fulfillment ship lots of small 1-2 line shipments, making it challenging to organize fluctuating volumes of order shipments effectively. With our WMS, they can orchestrate those shipments into efficient waves and streamline the selection of small parcel carrier along with an optimized packing routine.

Wholesale distributors that ship to big box retail leverage our integrated GS1 labelling engine that incorporates EDI compliance data gathering into the outbound fulfillment processes. The optimization of LTL freight through consolidation and integrated rate shopping and BOL creation streamlines the outbound order processes.

3PL companies that manage inventory on behalf of their clients can leverage our sophisticated 3PL contract billing engine which automatically calculates periodic charges for storage, handling and value added services. Integrated web-based reporting and alerts provide a client-based window into their documents and inventory to provide the feeling that the 3PL warehouse is an extension of their own operation.

Industrial supply companies that need to efficiently manage backorders and special order items are alerted to cross-dock opportunities on receiving to improve inventory to cash cycles. Order consolidation for branches is automatically done to ensure picking and freight optimization.

Medical device supply companies leverage the serial tracking capabilities of AccellosOne WMS, ensuring that item serial numbers are tracked from point of origin to consumption.

Food distributors can leverage the advanced lot control functionality to make sure that item lineage is maintained throughout the warehouse. In case of item recall, all lots are tracked to the end customer and any lot can be put on hold to ensure that no recalled lots are sent out the door. Quality inspection functionality ensures that rules-based inspections are done and tracked for vendor compliance history and for further action in case of non-conformance.

Apparel and accessory distributors can track pre-packs and assortments through uniquely serializing each carton and tracking throughout the warehouse to the customer. Many brands are capable of supplying the apparel wholesaler with advanced ship notices to streamline the inbound process and automatically capture the license plate and increment the inventory in that carton against the original purchase order.

See AccellosOne Cloud WMS for NetSuite in action in these videos:

AccellosOne WMS Integration With NetSuite – Part 1 (Receiving) 

AccellosOne WMS Integration With NetSuite – Part 2 (Picking)

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