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SPS Commerce On-Demand Supply Chain/ EDI Solution for NetSuite
SPS Commerce’s outsourced electronic data interchange (EDI) service for NetSuite integrates directly into your company’s on-demand NetSuite application. With NetSuite “prewired” to SPS’ multi-tenant, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) architecture, our EDI service delivers greater functionality with less cost and risk than traditional EDI software. Suppliers are enabled to exchange sales orders, advance ship notices, invoices, warehouse shipments and other required documents with trading partners around the globe.
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Version: 1.2
First Available: 1/1/2008
Compatible with: NetSuite, NetSuite OneWorld
Languages: English
SaaS EDI for NetSuite
SPS Commerce is currently connected to more than 1,800 retailers and buying organizations, making it likely that your customers are already actively using the SPS network. Your organization can develop a single integration point to SPS instead of creating unique EDI maps for each transaction/customer combination.

Our prebuilt integrations streamline initial implementation and make it easier to add new trading partners. In addition, our service uses NetSuite’s Web Services API for document interchange, allowing it to be extended to any other area of NetSuite with minimal ongoing maintenance.

Key Benefits
  • Leverage a seamless, familiar integration point within NetSuite.
  • Reduce initial and ongoing costs with SaaS EDI solution.
  • Increase visibility into where your product lives throughout its fulfillment cycle.
  • Ensure reliability with proven maps used by thousands of suppliers daily.
  • Minimize chargebacks by sending the right data at the right time.
  • Deploy new customers faster with a system already connected to over 1,300 retailers.
  • Leverage a seamless, familiar integration point within NetSuite.


SPS’ web-based EDI service supports existing EDI documents, as well as new XML-based documents, so you can leverage your initial investment as the ongoing demands of your customers and trading community change.

Supported transactions include:
  • ASN with Multiple P.O.s
  • Blanket P.O. with P.O. Releases
  • Credit/Debit Adjustment
  • Free Form Text Messaging
  • Organization Relationship with Cross Dock
  • Planning Schedule with Release
  • And hundreds more

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