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Hubcase for NetSuite
Hubcase helps you escalate support cases across organizations and systems. Escalate a support case from within your own NetSuite to your partner or vendor using NetSuite or Salesforce. Or, receive an escalation case from a client, partner, or vendor within your own NetSuite account, automatically. The result: dramatically improved customer satisfaction and productivity. 100% risk free, and guaranteed ROI. How do you escalate a case to your vendor or partner today?
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Version: 2013.1
First Available: 8/8/2012
Compatible with: NetSuite, NetSuite OneWorld, NetSuite CRM+
Languages: English
Hubcase Automates Case Escalation Across Organizations and Systems

B2B support case escalation has been a manual process of phone calls, emails, sticky notes. It has been a costly process and hammers your customer's satisfaction. As the winner of the 2011 Technical Services Industry Association (TSIA) Vision Award, Hubcase revolutionized it with a 1-click automation.

Specifically, you can:
  • Escalate a case from within your own NetSuite to your partner or vendor using NetSuite or Salesforce with 1-click.
  • Receive an escalation directly into your NetSuite from your partner or vendor. A case will be created automatically for you, without emails, phone calls or even a click.
  • If some of your partners don't have a case system, no problem. Hubcase provides hosted solution for FREE, so you can automate your process regardless of your partner system.
Try it today by following this Configuration Guide.

Key Benefits

Hubcase automates B2B escalation with 1-click, replacing manual processes of phone calls, emails and sticky notes.

It's a win-win for you and your partners to improve:
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Productivity and support efficiency
The automation results in simplicity, accuracy, accountability, visibility, and speedy resolution.

Hubcase is risk free. It adds B2B capability to your existing system and process, and it does NOT disrupt anything that you do today. It is implemented to be fault tolerant - even if connectivity is down, your  messages will be transmitted the next time.

What's there to lose? You can use it or leave it alone while doing everything as you do today, set permissions to make it invisible to all users, or uninstall it, all while no current process is impacted. Worst case, you fall back to what you do today - see "How Do You Escalate an Issue to Your Vendors or Partners Today?" below...

Request a demo; let us prove everything to you.

How Do You Escalate an Issue to Your Vendors or Partners Today?

When a customer comes to you for a problem that may involve one of your vendors or partners, how do you handle it today?

If your answer is one of the following:
  • Tell the customer it's not our problem, go away
  • Tell customer to call the partner or vendor
  • Write down the issue in a sticky, then call/email the partner, and let the rounds after rounds start from there
You should consider Hubcase, as none of the above creates happy customers.
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