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eBizNET WMS Standalone w/ Web Services Integration
eBizNET WMS is a comprehensive tool designed to enable NetSuite customers to achieve a greater degree of inventory visibility, fulfillment accuracy and efficient task management. eBizNET WMS is rules based & configurable to support multiple operational processes. It is scalable to both large & small companies with complex or simple distribution and inventory management requirements.
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Version: 2011.1
First Available: 4/1/2008
Compatible with: NetSuite, NetSuite OneWorld
Languages: Multi-language Capability
eBizNET – Innovating SCM 2.0
When NetSuite customers need extended features and functions to manage their inventory and warehouse operations, eBizNET is the answer. Combined with unsurpassed exerpertise in supply chain solutions, eBizNET is a suite of supply chain software modules that is tightly integrated with NetSuite ERP. With new WMS on NetSuite platform serving as the cornerstone to the suite, the full compliment of modules to address supply chain needs include:

  • Warehouse Management
  • Transportation Mangement
  • Port, Cargo and Terminal Management
  • Labor & Productivity Management
  • Reverse Logistics Management
  • Yard Management
  • Activity Based Billing and Cost Tracking

Key Benefits
By deploying eBizNET WMS, NetSuite customers avail themselves to productivity and visibility tools that will improve the overall performance of the customer. eBizNET provides very tight control of inventory and efficient task management that will result in these representative benefits:
  • Barcode Scanning & RF Wireless Handheld Support
  • Higher order fulfillment rates
  • Reduced inventory costs (eliminates expired product, lost product)
  • Optimized putaway & pick paths
  • System directed operations for space and labor efficiencies
  • Reduced order cycle times through wave management
  • Improved order accuracy
  • Elimination of costing physical inventories
  • Reduced operation cost via better control and improved accuracy.
  • Benefits can generally be categorized into 4 primary areas .....
    • Productivity Improvement / Increased Control
    • Greater Inventory Visibility/Accuracy
    • Improved Space Utilization
    • Ability to scale up with business growth & meet all compliance requirements

Multi Vertical Appeal

eBizNET WMS on NetSuite Platform has been built to address various key requirements across a variety of industry verticals. Best practice processing, reviewed for each customer installation, is analyzed for applicability in the core product and provided as an off-the-shelf feature. This means that the customer can benefit not only from the vast distribution & supply chain experience of our resources, but also from real-live challenges & requirments in their very industry - build into the WMS as available functionality. eBizNET WMS has built entirely using NetSuite SuiteApp platform and is deployed as an add-on bundle.
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