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Valogix Inventory Planning
Valogix Inventory Planning is a full-featured, web-based inventory planning software solution that is easy to use and affordable for any company. The advanced demand planning capabilities manage unlimited items in multiple locations, create automated forecasts and replenishment plans and optimized inventory. Users experience reductions in inventory costs and increased customer satisfaction.
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Version: Version 8
First Available: 3/1/2010
Compatible with: NetSuite, NetSuite OneWorld
Languages: English
Valogix Inventory Planning
Valogix Inventory Planning is completely integrated with the NetSuite. Valogix automates the entire inventory planning process from forecasting to replenishment to optimization. Built using NetSuite’s SuiteCloud platform, the application gives NetSuite customers web-based demand planning and optimization functions that can reduce costs, increase productivity and deliver faster ROI.

Key Benefits
Valogix manages an unlimited number of items and locations. Users have instant visibility to the master warehouse, to field stock, and everything in between. The proprietary demand planning engine efficiently plans for each item/location combination based on its unique characteristics. For example, a regional warehouse replenishes lower level and field locations; therefore, it is both a supplier and warehouse location, allowing Valogix to handle different lead times, costs, and other variables for more precise planning with NetSuite. Other benefits include:
  • Automated forecasting uses unique qualifiers that select the best forecasting method for every item
  • System calculates a rolling 12 to 36 month forecast
  • Accounting for seasonal and cyclical patterns
  • Valogix forecasting algorithms handle slow moving, random demand items easily
  • The system dynamically evaluates inventory for changes in demand
  • Alerts warn you of potential problems before they happen
  • Excess and inactive inventory are immediately identified
  • Parameters are user defined and are easily changed as needed
  • Automated planning for all warehouses, retail stores and other network locations
  • Optimization re-balances mix to reduce costs and increase service
  • Approved replenishment orders automatically populate Purchase Orders, Production Orders or Transfers

Customer Quote
“Valogix provides visibility into data that enables us to make better purchasing decisions. Valogix has been great to work with and the ROI is there from time savings alone! The other benefits of improved order accuracy and optimized purchase quantities add to the value.”
- Ilan Douek

The Bottom Line

We know you work hard every day. You may think your inventory is under control, but can you be sure? Each day you are not using Valogix solutions, you are missing out on the opportunity to free up CASH.

For example, based on an inventory value of $1,000,000 and an average inventory reduction and productivity gains of approximately 31% (based on Valogix customer surveys), as much as $310,000 in positive cash.

Customer ROI Results:
  • Reduced expediting and emergency shipments by 35% or more
  • Improved productivity by reducing planning time by 60% to 85% or more
  • Controlled and reduced replenishment spending by 15% or more
  • Reduced purchased items costs by 3% to 5% or more
  • Decreased “hold for parts” by 27% to 35% or more
  • Decreased backorders by 12% to 20% or more
  • Reduced stockouts by 18% to 25% or more
Why wait? It doesn’t get any easier or better than this.

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