Thank you for your interest in our Courtagen Care Financial Assistance Plan. Please provide all information requested below. Courtagen Diagnostics Laboratory cannot process an incomplete application.
All information provided in this application will be used only for the purpose of determining whether you qualify for the Courtagen Care Plan.
Courtagen agrees not to disclose any individually identifiable information provided in this application to any third party, except as provided herein or as required by law.

Please note that Courtagen does not accept Medicare or Medicaid. The Courtagen Care Plan is available only to those patients with commercial insurance.

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I understand and consent that all of the information I am providing as part of this application will be used by Courtagen to determine whether I qualify for the Courtagen Care Financial Assistance Plan. I verify that the information on this application is complete, true, and accurate.

I understand that, if any of the information I have provided proves to be untrue, Courtagen may re-evaluate my financial status and take action necessary to collect an amount equal to the discount or waiver granted to me by Courtagen.

I also understand that there are terms and conditions to remaining in the Courtagen Care Plan, if approved. I hereby agree to:
  • Forward directly and timely to Courtagen any insurance plan payment for Courtagen genetic testing that is sent directly to me from my plan
  • Assist Courtagen in the claims process by supplying the relevant information necessary to issue a claim on my behalf
  • Assist Courtagen in an appeals process, if applicable, by supplying the relevant information or signatures of consent necessary to make claim appeals on my behalf
  • Assist Courtagen with any other reasonable request with the intent to maximize my insurance plan payment coverage.

If I do not comply with these conditions I understand that my Courtagen Care Plan can be nullified and I would then owe the remaining balance of the insurance claim. Under certain circumstances outstanding patient balances will be referred to an outside collections agency.